Alinta employee breaks Australian drill metre record

Leigh Creek drill and blast employee breaks Australian drill metre record. Record was achieved while displaying a commitment to Alinta Energy’s safety principles.

Leigh Creek celebrated another momentous accomplishment as 2013 came to a close. Alinta Energy employee Brant Lowe successfully broke an Australian record for the distance drilled using the ‘Grizzly Paw’ style of drill bit.

Brant drilled a combined total of 3031 metres (193 holes at a depth of 15.7m each) throughout his 10 hour shift. To put this in perspective, Brant drilled the equivalent of two lengths of a football field per hour and more than doubled the shift’s 1244 metre drilling average. Atlas Copco, the manufacturer of the drill bit, has indicated that the achievement by Brant could even be a world record.

The Drill and Blast function at Leigh Creek Coalfields is responsible for ensuring the mine surface is successfully prepared to dig coal. Without efficient and productive drill and blast processes - including explosive use- Leigh Creek could not move the dirt to meet its mine plan.

Brant overcame unfavourable conditions such as the 39 degree heat to achieve this feat. He did not ‘cut corners’ to accomplish this milestone, but rather undertook the task safely and demonstrated real discretionary effort. Brant was prepared, planned and thought through the job at hand – a key safety value for our people.