Open Access In The Pilbara Will Deliver Positive Outcomes For Customers


Alinta Energy welcomes Minister Wyatt’s announcement today regarding reform that would facilitate fair and reasonable access by third parties to Horizon Power's electricity network in the North West Interconnected System.  

Alinta Energy CEO & Managing Director, Jeff Dimery said, “Every day that customers in the Pilbara are waiting for this reform, is another day that they are missing out on the benefits of discounted electricity offers.”
“Alinta Energy has signed up a number of customers in the Pilbara in anticipation of open access and these customers continue to wait to take advantage of the savings available in a competitive environment.”
Alinta Energy has recognised the benefits of open access for Pilbara customers for some time.
“Despite several years of attempts by Alinta Energy, we have not been able to secure access to the poles and wires to allow us to supply electricity to customers in the region.”
While Alinta Energy is supportive of a Government-led process to ensure open-access, Alinta Energy has also submitted an application to the State Government seeking coverage of Horizon Power’s Pilbara network.
“We look forward to working with the Government to implement an appropriate access regime as soon as possible enabling us to deliver benefits to customers in the Pilbara.”

About Alinta Energy
Alinta Energy is a leading Australian utility with an owned and contracted generation portfolio of up to 1,957 MW, approximately 800,000 combined electricity and gas retail customers and over 400 employees across Australia and New Zealand. Alinta Energy has been supplying energy to customers in Western Australia and supporting the local community for over 20 years. With an award winning customer contact centre in Perth and a history of infrastructure investment throughout the State (including the Pilbara region), Alinta Energy is committed to playing a positive role in the future of Western Australia.