Moving House Checklist

Moving House Checklist

According to research, moving house is only topped by death and divorce when it comes to the most stressful event in your life. It might feel like you’ve got a million things to do but with a bit of organisation and forward planning, you can group all those tasks into manageable chunks and tackle one thing at a time. Get out the calendar, count back eight weeks from the move date and plan what you need to do week by week. Sometimes just writing it all down helps and you’ll be able to see exactly what needs to be done and when, ensuring you’re well organised.

To give you a hand, we’ve created a checklist to help your move as stress-free as possible. Plus, getting a fat marker pen and ticking off each task is incredibly therapeutic!

Download Moving House Checklist PDF

Moving house checklist start

Download moving house checklist PDF

Eight weeks to go

Quotes for removalists

Start to research removal firms and gather quotes. Word of mouth is a great starting point but make sure the removalists you pick are members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association and check their insurance for true peace of mind.


If you have anything that’s particularly valuable, it’s worth getting it expertly valued to ensure your insurance covers it.

Home, car and contents insurance

You won’t need to change your details and/or policies yet but it’s a good idea to begin to find out what you’ll need to do when it comes to it, as well as obtaining quotes for insurance for the new home.


Moving home is a great time to go through each room (especially the garage, basement and loft where it is all too easy to store unwanted and unused belongings) and sort out what you really don’t use, want or need any more. Not only will this mean you have to move less to your new home, it is also an incredibly cathartic experience!


If you’re moving out of the area and have school-age children, it’s best to start looking for and organising new schools for them as soon as possible.

Six weeks to go

Give notice

If you’re living in rented accommodation, now is the time to give notice to your landlord.

Order furniture

If you need to buy any extra furniture for your new home and want it in place when you move, order it now, in time for it to be delivered to your new address. Unless they are essential pieces of furniture, such as beds, organise for them to arrive a couple of days after you move in - you’ll have enough to do on move day and the day after!

Book days off work

You may be able to move over the weekend but, to avoid a lot of stress, it’s a good idea to book a couple of extra days off work either side of the move date.

Four weeks to go

Move date confirmation

You’ll have to start to contact utilities companies soon to arrange for final readings and to move your account to the new address so get your move date confirmed to avoid having to contact them all over again.

Begin change of address notifications

Once you’ve got your move date confirmed you can start telling personal contacts, companies and local services your new address. You may want to consider getting change of address cards printed to hand out to friends and family and you should give your doctor and dentist your new address details. If you’re moving out of the area, start to scout out what’s in your new neighbourhood and find out how to register with new medical services.

Run-down the fridge and freezer

Begin to run-down the contents of your fridge and freezer so that they can be emptied, cleaned and defrosted before moving.

Two weeks to go

Begin to pack

If you’ve decided to do the packing yourselves, now’s the time to start getting organised. You can start to pack items you won’t need until after the move, such as out-of-season clothes, books, etc. Make sure you mark every box with its contents and the room you want it to end up in.

Organise insurance

All that research you did weeks ago will now come in handy - all you have to do is finalise your home and contents insurance to ensure your new home and everything in it is covered from the very first day.

1 week to go

Notification checklist

Contact all utilities companies, including gas, electricity, water, phone, internet, and cable or satellite. We need three business days’ notice to organise a meter reading and prepare your final account. Check whether your new home is connected to gas - if it is, you can open an account for the new property at the same time. The easiest way to do it is via MyAccount. If you’re not sure whether gas has ever been connected at your new home, give us a call on 13 13 58 and we’ll help you to arrange a new gas connection.

If you’re moving locally, also contact your children’s schools so they can update their details, and let HR at work know too. If you’re self-employed the tax office will also have to be contacted. Don’t forget to inform financial companies (bank, credit card, loans, pensions, etc.) and any deliveries (such as newspapers), and arrange for your post to be re-directed through Australia Post. It’s always the non-essential organisations that get forgotten so make a list of any that you have connections to, for example loyalty schemes, charities, gyms, and subscriptions.

The day before

Instruction booklets

Gather instruction booklets for all appliances you’re leaving behind for the new owners.

Pack a bag

Fill an overnight bag for each family member with essentials for move day, including toiletries, pyjamas, and a change of clothes. Make sure you’ve also got a fully charged mobile phone and any essential documents.

Kitchen essentials

Ensure a box containing tea, coffee, milk, mugs, biscuits and the kettle is kept to one side for essential moving day sustenance!

Cleaning equipment

Also keep aside a box filled with cleaning equipment for last-minute cleaning of the old house and freshening up of the new one.

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Download Moving House Checklist PDF