Easy Steps to Connecting Electricity in Your New Home

Easy Steps to Connecting Electricity in Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an incredibly exciting, yet rather daunting, experience. Arranging finances, notifying utilities companies, finding new local services, packing, moving and unpacking - there are a million and one things to do. If the property isn’t connected to electricity that might seem like another massive hurdle to settling in and enjoying your new home but it is far easier than you may think. We take you through the easy steps to powering your new home for the first time.

Inform current supplier

Before you start thinking about connecting electricity in your new home, you’ll need to inform your current electricity supplier that you are moving so that they can arrange for a final meter reading and send you a closing bill. Most suppliers will need at least three days’ notice so make sure you add contacting your energy supplier to your checklist to ensure you’re not charged for any energy consumption after you’ve already moved out.

Simple switchover

If you are happy with your current supplier, the easiest way to connect electricity in your new home - whether the property is already connected or not - is to open an account for the new property at the same time as closing your old account. With Alinta Energy the easiest way to do that is to register for MyAccount, through which you can close your account at your old property, open an account for your new home and access current and past bills, make payments and update contact details. All you’ll need to register is a recent bill with your account number. If you’d rather not register for MyAccount you can also fill out one of our online forms or call us on 13 37 02. Whatever method you choose, we are more than happy to help and ease the stress of moving in any way we can.

What you’ll need to connect

Once you’ve decided upon an energy supplier, you will need to contact them to make the first step towards connecting your new home to electricity. To contact Alinta Energy call us on 13 37 02 and we’ll help you to arrange connection and open a new account. Make sure you have your new address, the date you want electricity to be connected to it, and personal details such as contact numbers and a form of identification (either your passport, driver’s licence or Medicare number). The supplier will then arrange for a connection at your new address on a date that suits you.

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