What is geothermal?


Geothermal applications have been in use for many decades in North America and Europe as a highly efficient and reliable source of heating and cooling.  Commonly referred to as Ground Source Heat Pumps, a geothermal heating and cooling system utilises the constant ground temperature to either reject heat, in summer, and collect heat in winter.

Ground Source Heat Pumps have a long life span and with fewer moving parts than a conventional air conditioning system they also require far less maintenance.

Our flagship geothermal heating and cooling system, GeoAir is the new generation of geothermal cooling and heating. Where older generation geothermal circulated water through ground loops, GeoAir circulates R410A refrigerant gas. The benefits of this include:

  • Increased heat transfer rates delivers genuine savings in the installation costs as less wells are required. Ground works in geothermal are always the most expensive part of the installation. GeoAir requires less wells, meaning lower costs.
  • Reduced loop field footprint provides greater application. Less wells also means the technology can be used across a broad range of sites.
  • GeoAir does not circulate water through ground loops, meaning there is no need for water circulation pumps. This removes one source of power consumption and therefore increases efficiencies.


Selecting a geothermal system (Ground Source Heat Pump) for your project is a sound financial investment as well as a genuine renewable solution.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Alinta Energy Geothermal?

As part of Alinta Energy, the rapidly growing Australian energy retailer and generator, Alinta Energy Geothermal provides high quality geothermal solutions. With over a decade of experience within the Australian geothermal market, we have the proven capabilities, strong balance sheet, and the ability to complete projects regardless of scope and scale. This demonstrated mix of project delivery and financial backing is unparalleled in the industry both domestically and abroad. We operate in all major centres on the East Coast of Australia.

Where is Alinta Energy Geothermal's flagship geothermal heating and cooling system, GeoAir manufactured?

GeoAir is manufactured in Australia in partnership with one of the country’s leading air conditioning manufacturers. This partnership strengthens capabilities and creates employment opportunities within the local renewables and manufacturing sectors.

How energy efficient is a GeoAir system?

GeoAir is a Ground Source Heat Pump which is widely recognised as one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today. With efficiencies typically greater than 50% against a conventional system, a GeoAir system will provide significant benefit for life of the installation.

How much does a GeoAir system cost?

Depending upon your project, a GeoAir system will typically be between 30% to 40% in additional upfront costs against a conventional air conditioning system.

Can a GeoAir system cool and heat?
GeoAir is a reverse cycle system that can both cool and heat and operates in the same way as a conventional air conditioning system.
How long will a GeoAir system last?

GeoAir loops will outlast the ownership of the home. All loops are copper and are manufactured under strict quality control. All above ground systems are serviceable and can be refurbished after years of operation.


How noisy is a GeoAir system?

A GeoAir system operates at 51db which is significantly less than a conventional air conditioning system.

Is a GeoAir system safe?
The GeoAir heat pump has no external fan or moving parts making the external units safe for children and pets.
Can a GeoAir system heat water?

GeoAir can heat water for any application; potable hot water, swimming pool or hydronic/in slab heating. Through using the waste heat from the system, GeoAir can be configured to produce hot water passively when operating in cooling mode.

What type of building can a GeoAir system be used in?

We have systems operating in single homes through to large commercial buildings, shopping centres, aged care facilities and office buildings. We have installed systems ranging in size from 13kW through to over 600kW. Provided the building has the available space for the geothermal loops, a GeoAir system can and should be considered.

Installing GeoAir at Fairwater was a meaningful way of reducing energy costs for our customers and delivering an environmental benefit for Frasers Property.

Paolo Bevilacqua

General Manager - Real Utilities, Frasers Property Australia

Representing a significant cost for all buildings, the ability to reduce HVAC energy consumption is always a high priority. GeoAir is always a consideration for us on all projects we review as a genuine means of achieving energy reductions.

Robert Saunders

Building Services and Renewables Leader, Calibre Group

Alinta Energy Geothermal were always responsive and ensured works were managed and completed to a high standard.  The geothermal system installed to our project is a centrepiece of this sustainable building.

Ben Reid

Project Manager, Woollam Constructions