GeoAir Applications

Air Conditioning

Geothermal systems offer more than standard reverse cycle air-conditioning. A geothermal system can be your standard ducted system, but we also offer options that remove the need for cooling towers and boilers. Your designs will benefit with the flexibility of choosing our geothermal configuration based on your project. We work with you to determine the most appropriate and cost effective configuration for your project.

Central Plant

A geothermal system can replace a conventional chiller with our central plant configuration. Modular in design, this system has high levels of flexibility in operation and efficiency. With automated controls integration, a central plant option is an excellent solution for medium to large projects.

Pool Heating

Heating swimming pools is easier and cheaper with a geothermal system. Through using either the primary heating or waste heat from an installed system, a geothermal system is a genuine pool heating solution regardless of project size and scale.

Water Heating & Cooling

A geothermal system can provide water heating and cooling for a variety of purposes. The system can be configured into a central plant primary heating for process or for potable water purposes.

Potable Hot Water

Using waste heat from a geothermal system, potable hot water can be generated at no additional operating cost. A geothermal system can also
provide dedicated hot water plant where larger volumes are required.