GeoAir Applications

Air Conditioning

GeoAir system operates as a standard ducted air conditioning system. We will work with you to ensure that you have the most optimal installation for your project.  A GeoAir installation will not only save you in operating costs, but will also provide design benefits to your project.

Hydronic Heating

A GeoAir system is an excellent choice for in slab heating.  Used as a primary heating source, a GeoAir system is a quiet and highly efficient alternative to traditional heating and is easily adapted into hydronic installations.

Chilled Water / Central Plant

GeoAir can replace a conventional chiller with our central plant configuration.  Modular in design, this system has high levels of flexibility in operation and efficiency.  With full BMS integration, this central plant option is an excellent solution for medium to large projects.

Potable Hot Water

Hot water can either be generated passively through desuperheat loop or primarily through independent system where demand requires.

Swimming Pool Heating

Heating swimming pools is easy and cost effective with a GeoAir system.  Either as a primary heat source, or using waste heat, GeoAir is a genuine solution regardless of project size and scale. Integrated into building services design, our water heating option will add significantly to the potential energy savings.