GeoAir Benefits

There are many benefits to installing a geothermal system

Renewable Energy Solution 

Recognised internationally as a renewable energy solution, a geothermal system will contribute significantly and cost effectively in achieving sustainability objectives on any project.


Geothermal heat pumps are significantly smaller than conventional air conditioning systems and offer greater flexibility in design locations. Safety screening and associated build works required with conventional air conditioning plants are not required.

Energy Efficiency 

Alinta Energy Geothermal heating and cooling system solutions deliver high levels of energy efficiency. When combined with the passive hot water production, the geothermal system can deliver real and tangible benefits for the life of any facility.

No Defrost Cycle

As geothermal systems utilise the constant temperatures of the ground; there is no requirement for defrost cycles that are necessary with conventional systems in colder climates. This is a significant benefit in both comfort and efficiency.

Reduced Plant 

Geothermal heat pumps are significantly smaller than conventional air conditioning units and do not require ventilation. This allows for flexibility in plant location.


The geothermal heat pumps operate at 51db (at 1m), significantly less than conventional outdoor air conditioning units, offering considerable value. Heat pumps do not require acoustic treatment as a conventional plant would.

Reduced Maintenance

Geothermal systems have no external fans or condenser coils reducing ongoing maintenance requirements.

No Requirement for Gas Connection

Geothermal systems are reverse cycle thus, removing need for gas heating.