GeoAir Benefits

There are many benefits to installing a geothermal system

1.  It saves money

As energy costs continue to increase, the cost of heating and cooling a home will become a luxury for the typical household.  A GeoAir™ system potentially provide significant energy cost savings for typical households.

2. It is quiet

As density in residential properties increase, noisy external equipment becomes a design consideration.  A GeoAir™ system operates at 51db removing as a potential problem.

3. It is compact

The size of a dishwasher and with no external fan, a GeoAir™ system can be designed into a building envelope without having to make considerations for a condenser fan position.

4. It is safe

No external fans remove  safety issues, particularly small children with  inquisitive fingers.

5. It is a sustainable solution

Using the renewable energy of the ground and using significantly less energy than conventional air conditioning, a GeoAir™ system is a genuine sustainable solution.

6. It is cost effective

A GeoAir™ system does not require government rebates and support to make it affordable.  Ongoing energy savings of a GeoAir system provide real cost saving benefits.

7. Reduced Maintenance

There are few moving parts. A GeoAir system has no external fans and condenser coils and therefore requires minimal ongoing maintenance offsetting initial installation costs.