The Future in Heating and Cooling

What is GeoAir?

GeoAir is a geothermal heating and cooling system. Geothermal used for this purpose is commonly referred to as a Ground Source Heat Pump.

GeoAir operates in the same way as any air conditioning system except for how the heat rejection operates.  A conventional system operates using the varying ambient air to either reject or collect heat whereas a geothermal system using the constant ground temperatures to achieve this heat transfer.  The effect is the achievement of significantly higher efficiencies over conventional systems; converting directly into cost savings.

GeoAir is an Australian designed, manufactured and supported product that is directly contributing to employment within the local renewable and manufacturing industries.

Cooling Mode

GeoAir circulates a refrigerant vapour into the earth to absorb the heat in the naturally cooler, and stable, sub surface temperatures.

With excess heat removed, the cooled refrigerant condenses into a liquid. This liquid expands through an expansion device, lowers the pressure, and causes the temperature to reduce even further.

Refrigerant is then circulated through the fan coil unit cooling your home, building or office, cooling the space and absorbing the excessive heat from the interior air. This causes the refrigerant to expand back into a vapour. The cycle repeats.

Due to these much lower condensing temperatures, the heat pump achieves both an uplift in capacity as well as a reduction in energy consumption. This combination delivers excellent system efficiencies.

Heating Mode

When operating in heating mode, cold refrigerant is circulated within the geothermal loop. This absorbs the heat naturally supplied by the earth.

This heated refrigerant vapour is compressed, and circulated through the fan coil unit, heating the space. This removes the heat from the refrigerant, cooling it again. The cycle repeats.

Save Energy

Air Conditioning can account for over 50% of a buildings energy use.  A high efficiency GeoAir system will offer significant energy cost reductions over the life of the installed plant. Typical cost recovery on an installed GeoAir system provides a sound return on investment, well within most commercial requirements.


GeoAir’s high-quality geothermal loops will outlast building ownership. There is no maintenance to perform on installed loops. The GeoAir heat pumps are Australian designed and manufactured and all mechanical equipment is easily serviceable.


Using the constant temperature of the earth, a GeoAir system is a genuine sustainable solution.  With significantly reduced energy consumption, a GeoAir system will reduce the carbon footprint of the air conditioning plant.

Quiet and Compact

Operating at a low 51dB the GeoAir system overcomes noise issues associated with conventional mechanical plant. Through an integrated design process, GeoAir heat pumps can be concealed within building fabric. All GeoAir heat pumps are compact in design and require no ventilation providing broad options for design locations.