GeoAir Installation

A GeoAir system installation is no different to a conventional system except the condenser loop is below ground and a heat pump replaces the outdoor unit. Geothermal system components are outlined below.

Maintenance-Free Geothermal Loop

The main feature of the geothermal system is the geothermal loop installed underground. Our geothermal system’s condenser loop is permanently buried and is fully encased with a specialised grout and requires no servicing or future maintenance.

Heat Pump

Australian designed and manufactured, the geothermal heat pump is developed for local conditions. Compact and quiet, the geothermal heat pump is easily integrated into any design.

Fan Coil Unit

Your design tasks are simplified by our geothermal system’s use of high-quality off-the-shelf fan coil units manufactured in Australia. The geothermal system requires no changes to conventional duct designs and layouts.

Internal Works

Everything you already know applies because installing a geothermal system is no different from conventional ducted systems. Provide your client with an advanced heating and cooling system without having to change how the building operates. 


Whether it’s a simple wall mounted thermostat or a more complex BMS integration, a geothermal system will provide the right solution for your project needs. Alinta Energy Geothermal have partnered with one of the world’s leading providers of control systems, ensuring we always deliver high level outcomes for our customers.

How is a geothermal system installed?


There are two stages of installation that are easily identified as ‘in ground’ and ‘above ground’. The difference with a geothermal system is that a large part of the installation occurs below ground. The geothermal heating system is known as a Direct Exchange, or a DX geothermal system because it exchanges heat directly with the ground.

In Ground Installation

As the geothermal system requires a condenser loop below the ground to depths of 90m, a specialist drilling rig is required on site to perform these works. The size of a large excavator, the drilling rig requires access to and on the site to perform works. The installation of one geothermal loop typically takes one day. Where the system requires more than one loop, we need to keep these at 8m separations and a trench would be needed to connect the loop to the heat pump (typically at 800mm depth). As with the geothermal loop, once installed, we do not need to access again.

The installation process involves drilling a well to depth. Once drilled, the geothermal loop is lowered into the ground and a geothermal grout is injected from the bottom of the well to the surface. This grout sets hard and acts as both a protector of the loop and a source of heat transfer into the surrounding ground. The loop never requires maintenance and is completely invisible.

Above Ground Installation

All of the above ground and internal works do not differ from a conventional system and can be performed by any air conditioning contractor. The geothermal heat pump would typically be installed at the same location as the conventional outdoor unit with all electrical, refrigerant and control connections being the same.