Why's this bill so high?

Having a great value energy plan is an important first step in minimising your energy costs. But there are other factors that can still lead to higher than expected bills.

How’s the weather been?

The weather can have a significant impact on your household energy usage. In summer, using an air conditioner to cool your house down significantly increases your energy usage. During winter, the shorter and cooler days can push up your energy usage especially if you’re inside using your lights, clothes dryer and heater.

Have you had more people at your house?

An increase in the size of your household for a period can impact your energy usage. This is also the case when you have a household member(s) spending more time at home, for instance, during school holidays or on a public holiday.

Plugged in a new appliance?

That new appliance could be the culprit behind your energy bill woes. Turning off appliances at the wall could reduce your energy usage by up to 10%. When shopping for a new appliance try to buy energy efficient appliances, the higher the rating, the less power they consume. You’ll find the rating on the back or bottom of most appliances.

Do we have your concession details?

If you are eligible for a concession, make sure you’ve provided us with the details. Once the concession has been applied, you should see a concession amount on your bill. To add or update your concession card details, call our friendly Customer Service team on 133 702.

Was there a change in your billing period?

The number of days in a billing period differs between bills. If you see a small variation in your bill, the billing period may have been longer than a previous one. Compare the dates on your current and previous bill.

Billed on an estimated meter reading?

If the meter reader can’t get access to your meter, we’ll send you an estimated bill and then make a billing adjustment when an actual reading can be taken.

If you prefer, you can provide us with your own meter reading. You’ll find clear instructions on how to perform a self-read here.

Have your energy plan benefits expired?

Your energy plan and any discounts associated with it may have expired. You can contact us to find a plan that suits your needs.

Did energy prices go up?

Energy prices can change from time to time. When they do, we will always let you know with a message on your bill after the change has occurred.

Does your bill include previous amounts you haven’t paid?

If you didn’t pay your previous bill in full, any remaining amount is applied to your next bill.