Moving yourself, is it a false economy?

By doing it yourself you’ll save on a removalist, but you could find yourself forking out more later on.

Think carefully before you bypass a removalist

We’ve all made the call and we’ve all had the shock. We think booking a removalist will cost a few dollars, then the quote comes back and it’s well into the hundreds. 

Before you rip up the quote and start reaching out to family and friends, consider what’s involved.

Do you have the right equipment?

Unless your mate’s a removalist or a long-haul truckie, they’re unlikely to have a vehicle big enough to comfortably carry your bedroom furniture, living room and fridge.

So you’ll have to rent yourself a truck or a large van, which could double the price depending on how fast you work. 

You might think you can do it in a day. But as your shoulders begin to tighten and your knees creak on the third or fourth trip, you’ll find yourself calling the rental company to extend a day.

Will you able to drive the thing?

The steering wheel and the transmission may look the same but it’s only when you’re driving a van or truck on the freeway on a blustery day or negotiating a tight corner that you realise why we pay professionals to do these jobs.

And if you get yourself into a scrape, do you really want to be bothered with an insurance claim while you’re in the middle of a move?

Will your stuff arrive safely?

So you’ve got a rental truck and your friends and family around to help. Do you really trust them with your stuff?

Whether they’re lifting delicate items in and out of their truck or manoeuvring beds along hallways and through doorways, professionals know what they are doing. It’s their job.

By doing it yourself you’ll save on a removalist, but you could find yourself forking out for a maintenance man later on.

The bigger picture

With the heavy lifting being handled by professionals it allows you to manage the myriad of other tasks presented by moving.

You’ll be freed up to guide the children through this disruptive time in their lives (especially if they have to change schools), prepare healthy meals instead of resorting to fast food, and be ready to deal with multiple unexpected events – like the fridge not being able to fit in its new home.

You’ll also have the time to call Alinta Energy about your change of address. Give us one business day’s notice and we’ll connect the gas to your new home ready for when you move in*. And if you’re not with Alinta Energy, think about making the switch.

To help you when you move, we’re putting some of the best moving tips we’ve learnt over the past 25 years on our website, visit

* One full business days’ notice required. Terms and conditions apply. 

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Who are Adlam Transport

Alinta Energy has partnered with Adlam Transport to help customers in WA when they move. Adlam Transport is a leading Perth removalist, providing a wide variety of services such as storage, pre-pack services, office removals and local furniture removals across Perth, WA more broadly, and interstate for over 25 years.

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