How to make the most of your move

A new home is a chance for a fresh start

Moving home is considered one of life’s most stressful events, along with losing a loved one, starting a new job and sitting exams. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Embracing the change has the potential to kickstart your life, opening up you and your family to new experiences and opportunities.

Of course, if a move is not managed well it can be challenging, with the impact being felt for months or years later.

With careful planning a new world will open up. New friendships will be forged, different activities will present themselves and even new job opportunities may come along.

A makeover before you move in

Chances are your new home is not quite what you want it to be. The paintwork could be a little tired, the carpets worn or the bathroom tiles a little off-putting.

If you intend making changes do it before you move in. It’s much easier to work and less disruptive to your family (and you’ll be more at ease because you know it’s getting done rather than being put off forever).

And it doesn’t have to be major. Those little touches can make a world of difference to how you settle into your new home. It’s a way of putting your stamp on it.

Astute additions can make the difference

Another way of embracing the change is with the addition of new furnishings and other design elements.

You don’t have to go crazy and throw out all of your old stuff (even if you had the money, who’d want to get rid of cherished pieces?

But the astute addition of pieces that set off your new place, from a piece of art that hangs beautifully on a particular wall to a vase that catches the sunlight, will allow you to make your new home your own.

Let the sunshine in

A change of home may also usher in a change of heart when it comes to power.

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to put that passion into practice as it’s the beginning of a new phase in your family’s life.

Think about shifting to solar, or upgrading the system so it’s serving your family’s need and maximising your investment.

Say hello to your new neighbours

You’ve seen it in dozens of American sitcoms – the new neighbours popping in to introduce themselves (sometimes baked goods are exchanged).

As corny as it sounds it’s a terrific idea - the perfect way to break the ice, especially for your children, and to put your neighbours at ease about who’s moving in next door.

Or if you’re an outgoing type invite your neighbours over for afternoon tea. It sounds bold, but it will break down barriers and set you up for a long and happy stay in the new neighbourhood.

Of course, you’ll have plenty of time for pleasantries if everything’s up and running, including the utilities.

If you’re already an Alinta Energy customer, we can help you make all the necessary arrangements to close the account for your existing house and arrange a new contract for your new house (as long as you’re moving to a part of Australia we retail electricity and or gas in, that is).

And if you’re not with Alinta Energy think about making the switch to one of our great energy deals.

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