Natural Gas Appliances

Alinta Energy has all the information you need to know about Natural Gas appliances. From cooking, heating, hot water, laundry and outdoor Natural Gas appliances, you will learn about reducing running costs and your carbon footprint.


Natural Gas cook tops are quick and efficient and provide accurate temperature control. They also respond immediately when the temperature control is turned up or down.

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Natural Gas heating appliances are one of the best ways to keep your home warm in winter and are available to suit a range of lifestyles and homes.

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Hot Water

For the average Australian home, hot water accounts for around a quarter of your household’s energy costs and household's greenhouse gas emissions.

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Natural Gas dryers are a great investment if you need to dry a lot of clothes. They can dry clothes more quickly, which can save you time and money.

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Enjoying the warm weather outdoors is a part of the Australian lifestyle, whether it be entertaining, enjoying good food or simply taking advantage of getting outside.

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Energy Ratings

Ongoing running costs should play an important role in helping you choose which appliance is most suitable for your requirements.

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Installation Options

When you buy a Natural Gas appliance, you should make sure it’s approved by the Australian Gas Association and bears an approval label.

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Servicing Appliances

Just like a car, your Natural Gas appliances should be serviced regularly to make sure they continue operating safely and efficiently for many years.

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