Connecting Gas for the first time

If you've moved into a new home that has never had a gas connection, don't be left in the cold. Follow these steps to set up your gas connection with Alinta Energy.

Before You Start: Check Your Gas Availability

To check whether gas is available in your street, call Alinta Energy on 13 13 58.

If gas is not available at your property, Alinta Energy can arrange for a quote to extend the gas mains to your house. We'll request a quote from our Network Operator on your behalf. This could take up to four (4) weeks.

Once you have received and provided written approval for the quote to extend the mains, proceed to the steps below.

1. Have Your Meter Box Installed

A licensed gas fitter will install your meter box in an approved position on your property.

2. Open An Alinta Energy Account

Before you can be connected, you need to open a customer account. You can open an account by:

3. Requesting & Registering Your Connection

Your gas fitter will register a connection request on your behalf by lodging a Request for Gas Form (RFG).

Within five (5) working days of receiving a completed RFG form and opening your account for the property to be connected, we'll verify the details and register a connection request with the Network Operator.

For existing single dwelling properties (note excludes properties with a suffix or prefix ie A, B units etc) Approximately five (5) working days after receiving our connection request, our Network Operator will install a gas service pipe and meter. For new homes the Network Operator will installed the gas service pipe and meter within (15) working days.

About Your Connection

The first 20 metres of gas service pipe is provided by the Network Operator free of charge, except if your property is in a designated boundary connection area. To find out more about the boundary connection area or over-length services call Alinta Energy on 13 13 58. A charge applies to any gas service pipes over 20 meters. For current costs, visit our Natural Gas Pricing and Fees page or call 13 13 58.


Completing the Process

Your gas fitter will complete your internal pipe work and install and test your gas appliances. Your gas will be turned on and within 48 hours your gas fitter will need to lodge a Completion Notice with our Network Operator.