Member success story: Total Tools

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“Keeping energy costs down also helps us power our workforce”

Knowledge is the tool of his trade so this hardware retailer puts Qantas Points earned with his energy provider into upskilling his people.

“It’s an exciting time to be in business up here,” says Mark Timbs, whose Total Tools franchises cater to trade professionals in south-east Queensland.

“The 2032 Brisbane Olympics will be a game changer.”

His East Brisbane store is in a prime position to service The Gabba, which has been earmarked for a $1-billion redevelopment into the Olympic Stadium.

“And there are lots of other venues to build, including the athletes’ village, which will fall in our territory,” says Timbs, who recently opened his fourth franchise.

“Total Tools was a small co-operative when we joined – now there are 101 stores across the country.”

Find a better energy provider

With four locations to power, Timbs was looking for a reliable, cost-effective provider. He landed on Alinta Energy.

“The main reason? They had competitive pricing, plus Qantas Points. We spend upwards of $140,000 on energy per year so it’s one of our biggest expenses.”

No lock-in contracts and detailed bills also appealed.

“Keeping our costs down is a big focus. Alinta Energy helps us manage this so we can keep growing.”

Travel smarter to maximise time

“The points were a real drawcard,” says Timbs.

As an eligible Qantas Business Rewards member, he earned bonus Qantas Points when he signed up to the Alinta Energy BusinessDeal Qantas Electricity plan and continues to earn 3 points per $1 spent on his energy bills, offsetting an essential business expense. Paying bills with a Qantas Points earning credit card maximises his rewards – but the benefits go beyond cost savings.

“Being a Qantas Business Rewards member has helped me access more flying benefits. Things like Qantas Club allow me to do business on the run efficiently and, most importantly, give me back time with my family.”

Super-power staff engagement

Investing in employees is why Timbs says the company has grown year-on-year since the day it opened in 2001.

“It’s definitely people-related. You’ve got to look after your staff. Challenge them to improve every day and you’ll find that creates a happier team environment, which flows on to your customers.”

He uses Qantas Points to help retain talent in “a really difficult market”, keeping his 80-plus employees engaged through training and by offering them networking opportunities at conferences.

“We use points to fly staff to industry events. It helps keep our employees happy but also develops their knowledge. Customer service is our number one focus. Our staff don’t just point customers in a direction and let them fend for themselves. Around 95 per cent of our business is selling to the trades so they expect our salespeople to really know what they’re talking about."

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