Our plans for the Spinifex Offshore Wind Farm project

Spinifex Project Manager Linden Blair on a boat

Our Spinifex Offshore Wind Farm team has been doing lots of exciting work in 2023.

The offshore area being proposed by the Spinifex project team is located offshore Portland, Victoria. It is considered well suited for the large scale of the project, which has a target capacity of 1000 MW, enough to supply about 10 per cent of Victoria’s current energy demand.

Since announcing the project in December 2021, we've been taking feedback from the community and learning more about the offshore investigation area. We've installed two highly advanced laser imaging, detecting and ranging (LiDAR) systems around the coast of Portland, which can measure the wind at distances of up to 35km over the investigation area.

We're also closely studying the marine environment in the project investigation area to ensure we can work to understand and minimise any impacts the project may have.

Hear more from Project Development Manager Linden Blair in a recent video interview about the project and some of the reasons why Portland is such a great location for offshore wind. 

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