GRI 401-1 Employment – New employee hires and employee turnover

Employee data

Our employee numbers increased from 955 to 1,130 (18%) during FY23 and have approximately doubled over the last five years.

The tables below summarise our employee composition at 30 June 2023:

 Employee numbers
Full time/part timeEmployment type
 TotalFTEbFull TimePart TimeSalariedcCasualCEAd
All employeesa1,1301,10995%5%97%1%2%
Non-executive directorse8N/A-100%100%--
Senior leaders747399%1%99%1%-
New employees46746198%2%99%1%0%g
Departing employees29328796%4%99%1%-
Average tenure of departing employees (in years)1.741.702.571.750.62-

(a) All employees includes all people paid through the Alinta Energy payroll. This includes our MD and CEO as well as other permanent, maximum term and casual employees. It excludes non-executive directors and contractors.

(b) FTE refers to full time equivalents.

(c) Salaried employees are permanent or maximum term employees on a fixed salary that is reviewed annually.

(d) CEA refers to a Collective Employee Agreement which applies to some of our New Zealand employees.

(e) Non-executive directors are the members of Alinta Energy’s Board, except for the MD and CEO who is an executive director and is included in the Executives category. They are not assigned an FTE and are paid a fixed fee.

(f) Executives includes the MD and CEO and the executive leadership team.

(g) These categories include employees but because the data is rounded to the nearest percentage, it appears as 0%.

(h) Regional locations are those more than 80km from the nearest capital city.

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