Meet two of our newest team members

In May, we had the chance to ask a few of the Morwell team members how their time at the Customer Experience Hub was going. So, it’s our pleasure to introduce Wendy, a Customer Service Representative, and Elisa, a Training Specialist.

What are you enjoying most about your role with Alinta Energy so far?

Wendy: I’m enjoying the team spirit and the way we’ve really bonded as a team. Starting in the first wave of new starters, we had to forge the way forward and set the bar for future waves. Joining Alinta Energy is a great way for future career opportunities within the company and it’s exciting to be a part of the initial team starting in Morwell.
I recently returned to Latrobe Valley after living in Melbourne for a number of years, so it’s been a pleasure to come to work in the new Hub. The amenities are second to none, the location is set by a lake with ducks and a nice lunchtime walking path – it has to be one of the best working environments in the Valley.

Elisa: I love the energy (no pun intended) of the company. Everyone is excited to be here and are wanting this to be a huge success. Every person you speak to is passionate about their role and making the Hub the best it can possibility be.

It’s been a whirlwind learning curve for me – being a trainee in the first wave of intakes, to assisting with the training in the second intake, and now I am lead facilitating the current intakes. Every day is busy, exciting, and different!

Meet Elisa (left) and Wendy (right).

Tell us something you love about Morwell and why?

Wendy: After growing up in the Latrobe Valley, I was happy to return to the country life from the hustle and bustle of the city. I settled in Yarragon, which is a very picturesque area with lots of places for me to venture to on weekends to take photos. Alinta Energy setting up in Latrobe Valley is a big boost for the community, which has suffered during the past few years. Hopefully the Hub’s presence can be a positive boost for local job opportunities.

Elisa: I had never spent much time in Morwell prior to starting at Alinta Energy, even though I live ten minutes away. What I have found is that everyone helps each other out, looks after one another and is a tight knit community. These values have flowed into the CX Hub and you see them demonstrated daily.

More than great energy.

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