Smoothing your energy costs is easy

SmoothPay is a great way to manage your energy costs. And setting one up is easy.

What is SmoothPay

SmoothPay is a tool that helps you take control of your bills in regular and manageable instalments throughout the year.

Whether you are in a residential property or are a small business owner, it’s a great way to make budgeting for your bills easy and helps reduce the impact of seasonal energy usage.

With SmoothPay we can help you determine an automated estimate payment withdrawn either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Having a known amount simplifies the process with a regular schedule, saving you time and hassle.

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How does it work?

We use your energy usage history for the preceding 12 months to estimate your likely energy costs over the next 12 months and calculate your instalment amounts based on your preferred payment frequency.

On the chosen day, your payment will be deducted automatically from your nominated account.

We’ll monitor your usage and check it against a meter read of your site to make sure it is in line with your payments. If you’ve used more or less energy than we’ve estimated, the extra balance will need to be paid or is credited back towards your next bill.

There is no lock in period, so if you wish to cancel your SmoothPay arrangement at any time, simply get in touch.

How to get started

Setting up SmoothPay is easy. To be eligible to pay an energy account using SmoothPay, you must have an active Alinta Energy account and, depending on where you are located:

  • Victorian residential customers cannot have more than $55 (incl. GST) overdue.
  • New South Wales, South Australian and Queensland residential customers cannot have anything owing.
  • All Small Business customers cannot have anything owing.

Additionally, we must have received from you a completed Direct Debit (SmoothPay) Request with a nominated payment frequency. If no nominated frequency is designated, your payment frequency will default to monthly.

Download and complete the form and return it by email:

If you have any questions or prefer to set up SmoothPay over the phone, call 13 37 02.

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