Scam details

  • Alinta Energy and non-Alinta Energy customers have reported suspicious credit card activity (e.g. additional or unauthorised Alinta Energy charges, which may appear as a single or a series of small unauthorised charges).
  • This may indicate that such credit card details have been compromised.

What should you do if you think you have been targeted?

Please place a temporary lock on your credit card immediately (if your financial institution has this function enabled) and get in touch with your financial institution if you think your credit card details have been compromised. For more information on unauthorised and mistaken transactions visit

We’re sorry that this has occurred and please be assured that we are doing all that we can to assist those impacted by this fraudulent activity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Other ways to protect your personal information

We want you to feel safe in knowing the facts when it comes to sharing your personal and banking information with Alinta Energy. Remember:

  • Alinta Energy will never contact you and ask for your bill to be paid over the phone or by using third party gift cards.
  • You can securely pay your bill by phone using our automated bill payment system which can be accessed by calling 1300 731 039, or by visiting
  • Alinta Energy will never call you directly to advise you that our rates are changing. These notices will be sent to you in writing either by email or by letter.
  • Alinta Energy will always inform you when a technician needs to attend your property for a meter read. Every technician will have a form of valid ID from their distributor on their person. If you are unsure, request to see their ID and trust that over any personal details they might show you as proof instead.
  • You should not trust any phone call that does not display caller ID. Calls made by or on behalf of Alinta Energy will always display the agent’s phone number.
  • You should only update your account information using My Account or with an authorised Alinta Energy Customer Care representative, whereby you have initiated the call and the phone number you dialled came from a trusted source, such as our website, your bill or our marketing materials.

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