Electricity Meter Installations, New connections, and Gas Meter Removals

New Electricity Meter Connections

If electricity supply does not exist and has not previously, a new connection will need to be arranged, followed by a new electricity meter installation. If you are building a new home, this is a standard requirement.

The meter service provider in your area will complete the new electricity connection and then we’ll arrange for a smart (digital) meter to be installed either on a date agreed with you or within the timeframes in your state and distribution network.

To start this process we suggest speaking to your builder or engaging an electrician, who will complete any necessary paperwork (Electrical works Request (EWR)) or log an application with the distributor in your area.

Electricity Meter Exchanges (Upgrades)

An electricity meter exchange (removal and replacement) is required when electricity supply exists at the property.

A common reason for a meter exchange occurs when you are performing renovations or alterations at your property, that includes major electrical work impacting your electricity meter.

We’ll arrange for your meter replacement either on a date agreed with you or within fifteen business days.

Fees for removal and replacement can vary according to the work required and the distributor in your area. You will be advised of any applicable fees before the upgrade occurs. The charges from the distributor will pass through on your next Alinta Energy bill. A fee could also be incurred if you miss your agreed appointment time.

If there are any non-standard fees, we'll get in touch before proceeding with the change or removal.

We will need safe and unhindered access to your meter and main switchboard. If this occurs, you are not required to be there whilst the upgrade is being performed.

Your power will need to be turned off by the technician for approximately one hour while your meter is being replaced. Once your smart meter is installed, your power will be restored, and a card will be left to confirm the completion of the upgrade.

If the technician is unable to perform the upgrade, we will be sure to reach out.

To request a smart meter upgrade, please complete this online form.

Installing a Solar System

If you are installing a new solar system, a simple meter replacement is required.

Please contact us on 1300 669 950 to arrange this.

Faulty Electricity Meters & Replacements

If your existing electricity meter has become faulty or deemed faulty by your network, it will need to be replaced. In line with energy regulations all meter replacements are performed using a smart (digital) meter.

Removing or Abolishing Gas Supply

Permanent removal of the gas service is achieved by disconnecting the service from the gas main at the property boundary and removing the meter.

This is recommended for customers who don't require gas anymore or are demolishing.

To proceed with the permanent removal of your gas service (abolishment), please download and complete this form and send it to gasconnections@alintaenergy.com.au.

A standalone meter removal is not recommended due to safety concerns for leaving live service upstands on site with no meter attached.

If you would like to temporarily disconnect the gas meter (e.g. due to renovations), please call our dedicated team on 1300 669 950 and press option 2. We're available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (AEST).

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