Cancellation notice

Right to cancel your contract

You have a right to cancel your contract without any reason 10 business days from and including the day after you signed or received your contract together with our disclosure statement.

To cancel your contract, complete the notice below and send it to us. Alternatively, call us, write us a letter or send us an email. Here are our details:

Postal Address:Alinta Energy
GPO Box 1302
Melbourne VIC 3001


Level 16,
60 City Rd,
Southbank VIC 3006
Phone:1300 558 498
Fax:1300 781 235

If we have not complied with the law in relation to unsolicited consumer agreements, you may also have a right to cancel your contract with us by contacting us, either orally or in writing. You may have up to 6 months to cancel your contract.

Cancellation Notice Form Download

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