Consumer Data Right (CDR)

What is the Consumer Data Right?

Consumer Data Right (CDR) lets you share your energy data with an accredited third party (also called an Accredited Data Recipient or ADR).

By allowing you options to give accredited third parties access to your energy data, the CDR enables you to make informed decisions about your energy service. It gives you the power to compare the market and better understand how and when you use energy, enabling you to find the right personalised energy deal that suits you.

Why would I want to share my data?

One example could be when you want to compare energy plans on a comparison website. 

It’s important to note that we will only share your data once you have requested us to.

How do I share my data?

If the service you’re using is an accredited third party you’ll be prompted to consent to sharing your data. If you select yes, we’ll ask you to verify your identity using a One Time PIN - which we’ll send to the mobile number which is connected to your Alinta Energy account.

Once we’ve successfully verified your identity, you can select and share data from any or all of your eligible Alinta Energy accounts. You’ll also be able to see exactly what we’re sharing and for what period of time, before you agree.

Please note that we will never ask you to share your Alinta Energy My Account password with us.

What data can we share?

  • Personal details (name, address etc.)
  • Account details (account, concession and plan details)
  • Payment information (billing frequency, payments and account balance)
  • Billing History (invoices and billing adjustments)
  • Electricity usage and metering information
  • Electricity generation and storage information (solar panel and batteries)

Am I eligible to share my data?

To be eligible to share your CDR data, you’ll need to be

  • at least 18 years old;
  • have a mobile number and email registered and authenticated by us; and
  • have an active Alinta Energy electricity account with us; and
  • consumed less than 5GWh in the previous 12 months.

If you have an active Alinta Energy electricity account with us, but have any issues accessing the CDR online portal, you can contact us for help. We’ll be able to validate and verify your contact details if you wish to share your CDR data with an accredited third-party organisation.

Is my data safe?

Alinta Energy can only share your data with third parties who are accredited. You can find a complete list of ADRs here.

Note: Once data is shared with an accredited third party, Alinta Energy no longer manages this information. There is a possibility that some accredited third parties data centres are offshore, but rest assured all your Alinta Energy data is managed in Australia while it is with us.

Accredited third parties can only access your data with your consent. You can stop sharing and withdraw your consent at any time. We note that we cannot control where your data is stored by accredited third parties once you consent to share it with them.

If you need more information about the Consumer Data Right, read Alinta Energy's CDR Policy

Correcting your data

If any of the CDR data we have shared about you is incorrect, please let us know by calling us on 13 39 08 for Residential and small business customers so we can update it.

Large business customers can request CDR data be corrected by emailing or by contacting your dedicated account manager.

We will let you know who we shared your data with and how to request that your corrected CDR data is shared with the accredited third party. You can also cancel your request to share your data via the Alinta Energy portal at any time. Alternatively, you may contact the third party.

Deleting your data

You have the right to request the accredited third party you shared your CDR data with to delete or de-identify your data. Any CDR data shared with a third party will be handled according to their own privacy and security procedures. You should check their app or website for more information on how they handle any CDR data you have already shared with them.

How do I manage my Data Sharing?

To manage and view your data sharing arrangements via the Alinta Energy CDR dashboard see:

To access the dashboard, you will need to verify your identity by using your Alinta Energy credentials and by entering the One Time PIN we will send to you.

Within the Dashboard you have the ability to:

  • Add or remove a secondary user instruction.
  • View all current and past data sharing arrangements.
  • Amend active data sharing arrangements.
  • Cancel any active data sharing arrangements.

How do I add Secondary Users and Nominated Representatives for CDR Data Sharing

For residential accounts

The Primary Contact on an Alinta Energy account is the CDR authorised person by default.

If you would like to add another authorised person to your residential account, call us on 13 39 08 and we can help you to add them as your secondary user.

Once a secondary user has been added to your account, please remember to read the ‘secondary user instructions’ on the CDR dashboard and give access to the secondary user.

For small business accounts

If you would like to add another nominated representative to your business account, call us on 13 39 08 and we can help you to add them as your nominated representative.

For large business accounts

If you would like to add another nominated representative to your large business account, please email your request to or contact your dedicated account manager and we can help you to add them as your nominated representative.

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