Reeves Plains Power Station Proposal

Alinta Energy was advised in early 2018 that its proposal for the development and construction of a gas-fired power station (of up to 300 MW) in Reeves Plains, South Australia had been approved.

 The approval, published on 26 February 2018, is available here:

 In February 2019, an ‘extension of time request’ made on behalf of Alinta Energy was approved for an additional period of 12 months.

 In March 2019, the project was shortlisted as part of the Federal Government’s Underwriting New Generation Investments program.

 We are continuing to develop a detailed investment case to ultimately be considered by the Alinta Energy Board.


Alinta Energy developed the proposal to re-enter the South Australian electricity generation market to support our existing and growing South Australian retail operations, deliver improved energy security and reliability in South Australia and increase competition. The project aligns with South Australia’s Energy Plan, the Strategic Infrastructure Plan and the Mallala (Adelaide Plains) Council Development Plan.

 Since consultation commenced in June 2017 we have been fortunate that the local community and stakeholders have contributed significant feedback and participated actively in the consultation process. This feedback played a critical role in informing the final design of the project that was submitted for development approval.

 We welcome contact from electricity users looking for reliable and secure supply of electricity.