Solar Together Program Terms and Conditions

This document is a legal contract between Alinta energy (we or us) and the customer (you). Words that are in bold in this agreement are defined at the end of this agreement in clause 8.

Clause 1: Participating in the Solar Together Program

1.1        To participate in the Program, you must:

1.1.1     meet the eligibility criteria and continue to meet the eligibility criteria throughout the term;
1.1.2     enter into the System Access Services Contract with NRN; and
1.1.3     enter into the Solar Retailer System Services Contract with the party responsible for installing the solar system at the premises.

1.2        This agreement does not cover the installation, maintenance or repair of the solar system. This is the responsibility of NRN and its contractors and these details are covered by the System Access Services Contract and the Solar Retailer System Services Contract.

Clause 2: Eligibility Criteria

2.1        To be eligible to participate in the Program, you must satisfy the eligibility criteria, which are:

2.1.1     you must be an Alinta Energy customer signed up to a relevant electricity plan with us;
2.1.2     you must be a registered owner of the premises;
2.1.3     the premises must be located in New South Wales;
2.1.4     you have broadband internet services with a reliable and consistent wi-fi connection at the premises (as determined by NRN);
2.1.5     no person residing at the premises currently requires life support equipment and at the time of entering into this agreement, you do not anticipate that any person residing at the premises will require life support equipment; and
2.1.6     there are no concessions being applied to your electricity account with Alinta Energy.

Clause 3: Your obligations

3.1        As a condition of participating in the Program you must:

3.1.1     sign up to and remain on a relevant electricity plan for the premises for the duration of the term.
3.1.2     notify us if there are any changes, or might be any changes, in your circumstances that mean you may no longer meet the eligibility criteria;
3.1.3     consent to NRN providing Alinta Energy with your National Meter Identifier details, consumption data and other relevant information to enable Alinta Energy to generate bills and provide services to you;
3.1.4     contact NRN as soon as you become aware of any fault or issue in the solar system; and
3.1.5     comply with the System Access Services Contract with NRN.

Clause 4: Your energy use

4.1        You acknowledge and agree that:

4.1.1     all of your electricity use will be charged at the tariff rates of your electricity plan, regardless of whether your electricity is imported from the network or uses the solar system;
4.1.2     you will not receive a solar feed-in tariff for any electricity that is generated and exported to the network from your solar system;
4.1.3     you will have no control over the solar system and the solar system will be entirely managed by us and NRN. This means that you will not have a choice, for example, in when the solar system imports electricity from the network, exports to the network, charges the battery forming part of the solar system, or is used in any other way; and
4.1.4     you will receive your electricity bills in accordance with the terms of your electricity plan.

Clause 5: Cancellation or ending of the Solar Together Program

5.1        Alinta Energy reserves the right to end the Program at any stage but will not do so within 6 months of you joining the Program.

5.2        If Alinta ends the Program:

5.2.1     you may have the option to transition to a similar program with NRN, at no additional cost to you, under the terms of the System Access Services Contract;
5.2.2     if you do not transition to a similar program, the System Access Services Contract specifies how you can arrange for the solar system to be removed from your premises;
5.2.3     you will remain on the same electricity plan, unless you contact us to change your plan or switch retailer;
5.2.4     there will be no fee for removal of the solar system from the premises and no early termination charges applied by us.

5.3        You may leave the Program by:

5.3.1     buying the solar system from NRN in accordance with the System Access Services Contract;
5.3.2     paying a fee to NRN to have the solar system removed from your premises in accordance with the System Access Services Contract; or
5.3.3     if you switch energy retailer, or you cease to own or reside at the premises, you can leave the Program by notifying us in writing.

5.4        If you choose to leave the Program (and there has been no contractual breach by us):

5.4.1     you must pay the fees set out in the System Access Services Contract with NRN. These fees may include a removal fee (if the solar system is removed from your premises);
5.4.2     you may purchase the solar system from NRN in accordance with the System Access Services Contract;
5.4.3     you may arrange with NRN to transfer the arrangement to a new owner or tenant of the premises; and
5.4.4     you will remain on the same electricity plan and continue to pay for your electricity in accordance with that plan, unless you contact us to change your plan or switch retailer.

Clause 6: Our liability

6.1        Other than as required by law:

6.1.1     we give no condition, warranty or undertaking, and we make no representation to you, about the condition or suitability of the solar system, its quality, fitness, or safety for the premises;
6.1.2     we are not liable for any loss, liability, claim or damage you may suffer from having the solar system installed at your premises and entering into the System Access Services Contract with NRN; and
6.1.3     unless we have acted negligently or breached this agreement, we are not liable to you for any loss or damage you may suffer in connection with this agreement.

6.2        Nothing in this agreement is intended to vary or exclude the operation of any immunity, limitation of liability or indemnity that we may have under the law, including section 316 of the National Energy Retail Law and sections 119 and 120 of the National Electricity Law.

Clause 7: General

7.1        You acknowledge that we will collect, use and disclose your personal information as required by law and in order for us to be able to provide you with energy and related services and otherwise facilitate your dealings with us. Our Privacy Policy sets out how we deal with your personal information, including how you can access it, have it corrected, or make a complaint. We may disclose this information to:

7.1.1     NRN;
7.1.2     our third party providers (agents, partners, contractors and service providers);
7.1.3     our employees and Related Bodies Corporate;
7.1.4     government agencies and regulatory bodies;
7.1.5     the operators of the network through which energy is supplied to you; and
7.1.6     other entities, as described in our privacy policy.

7.2        You cannot assign, transfer or novate this agreement to another person without our prior consent.

7.3        This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.


Clause 8: Definitions

8.1        These words, when appearing in bold in this agreement, have the following meaning:

agreement means this document which is a legal contract between us and you.

concessions means any government funded energy charge rebate, concession or relief scheme provided for the purpose of applying a discount on your energy bill.

electricity plan means an Alinta Energy electricity plan under a current market retail contract or standard retail contract.

eligibility criteria are the criteria listed in clause [2] of this agreement.

life support equipment means any of the following:

(a) an oxygen concentrator;
(b) an intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine;
(c) a kidney dialysis machine;
(d) a chronic positive airways pressure respirator;
(e) crigler najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment;
(f) a ventilator for life support;
(g) any other equipment that a registered medical practitioner certifies is required for a person residing at the premises for life support.

network means the distribution network to which the premises is connected.

NRN means NRN Assets Pty Limited.

premises has the same meaning as ‘Supply Address’ in your electricity plan and is the address at which the solar system will be installed.

Program means the Solar Together Program operated by NRN and Alinta Energy designed to enable participants to obtain solar and battery assets with no capital outlay, amongst other things.

Related Bodies Corporate has the same meaning given in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Solar Retailer System Services Contract means the contract of that name entered into by you and the solar retailer.

solar system means the battery and solar PV system owned by NRN under the terms of the System Access Services Contract and which is installed at the premises.

System Access Services Contract means the contract of that name entered into by you and NRN.

term means the period from the date you agree to these terms and conditions until such date that you leave the Program or Alinta Energy ends the Program under clause 5.

we or us means Alinta Energy.

you means you, the customer.