Top five packing tips when moving homes

You’ve decided on a move out date and you need to start packing soon, but don’t know where to start.

You don’t want to start packing the wrong things first. You can end up wasting precious time packing, unpacking, then trying to fix the mess.

We’ve got just the advice for this moving house dilemma. Here are the top five packing tips when moving homes.

1. Don’t need it? Don’t take it with you

Let’s assume you’ve already set aside ample time to declutter and purge before packing. There is nothing worse than leaving packing to the last day, then rushing around to shove everything into boxes.

As you’re going through all your items, have your ‘donate’, ‘sell’ and ‘upcycle’ boxes at the ready, so you can pack and clear as you go.

2. Pack an overnight bag

Always pack an overnight bag for move-in night to save you from rummaging through everything to find what you need. Pack your toiletries and towel, toilet paper, a first aid kit with bandages and alcohol swabs, a change of clothes, bedding for a good night’s rest, phone chargers and any kitchen basics you’ll need on your first night in your new home.

3. Start with your least used room

Once that’s done, dig into the items of your least used rooms first. Your garage, garden shed or attic is a good place to start.

4. Pack all your non-essentials first

Box non-essentials first. This includes décor, artwork, photographs, items in storage closets, extra bedding and books. Try to keep heavy and light items mixed between boxes, with heaviest items sitting at the bottom of the box.

5. Move your least used items last

On moving day, the ‘least used’ boxes should go into the removalist truck or van last so that they’re deposited into the rooms at your new house first. This will allow for the most used items to be stacked on top. Then there’s no need to go through the painstaking process of removing all the top boxes just to find something in the bottom box.

To help you when you move, we’re putting some of the best moving tips we’ve learnt over the past 25 years on our website.

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