Braemar Pipeline

The Condamine to Braemar Pipeline (also known as the Braemar pipeline or the Braemar Linepack Connection) is a transmission pipeline located in southeast Queensland. The pipeline is owned and operated by Alinta Energy.

This pipeline has a category 2 exemption under part 10 of the National Gas Rules and is not required to provide financial information, historical demand information or a cost allocation methodology as otherwise required by rule 101D.

The pipeline is approximately 150km in length, and has a diameter of 406.4 mm. 

The Condamine to Braemar Pipeline connects Alinta Energy’s Braemar power station to the APA Group’s compressor station at Condamine. 

The Condamine to Braemar Pipeline is a non-scheme pipeline with a category 2 exemption under part 10 of the NGR. 

Construction on the pipeline was completed in March 2006.

Classification of PipelineTransmission
Nameplate rating120TJ/d
Receipt points (and key facilities to which they connect)Tipton
B1PL-B2PL interconnect
Delivery points (and key facilities to which they connect)Condamine RBP
Braemar Power Station
 (See diagram 1.1 below)
Technical or physical characteristics which may affect access, use or price of the servicesFirm flows available to condamine RBP are dependant on compressor performance, temperatures & BBPL/RBP Pipeline pressures. 2 Compressors are available to flow gas to Condamine, but one is designed as backup.
Any policies of the service provider which may affect access to, use or price for services (e.g. queuing requirements, receipt or delivery point change policy, metering and measurement policy)

Please refer to terms in our Standard Gas Transportation Agreement and User Access Guide.

Braemar User Access Guide including interconnection policy and agreement

Diagram 1.1

Diagram 1.1

List of pipeline services including: a description of each service and locational limits priority ranking of the service in relation to other pipeline services including when scheduling and in the event of curtailment

Firm forwardhaul (delivery to Condamine RBP).

The only available pipeline service is a Firm Forward Haulage Service. This is defined in the Standard Gas Transportation Agreement as a gas transportation Service in the Pipeline in the forward direction from the Receipt Point to the Delivery Point, subject to Curtailment. This service may be curtailed pursuant to clause 19.1 of the standard GTA, including to enable as necessary for power station start-up and other requirements at the Braemar power station site or of the Alinta Group.

Total metered quantity of gas injected and withdrawn during the month

Please refer to AEMO GAS BB data published.

Navigate to "Forecast and actual gas flows", select "Pipeline Connection Flows" and download the file.

Filter data on "ConnectionPointName" to "Condamine Entry Delivery Stream" which reflects flows from Braemar pipeline into RBP at condamine

Total quantity of gas scheduled for injection or withdrawal during the month (taking into account rescheduling). Of these quantities, the quantities attributable to each pipeline service (below)

Monthly Flows by service (GJ)  
 Firm Forwardhaul to RBP CondamineInterruptable forwardhaul to RBP CondamineOverruns RBP condamine
Info about matters expected to affect the capacity of the pipeline (including any planned expansions of the capacity) for each month in the following 12 month period<Information will be published as relevant>
Information on any other limitations on the availability of the pipeline services identified in the pipeline service informationNA

Outlook on firm capacity available for sale or that it will have available for sale for each month in the following 36 month period

Table 1.2

Uncontracted Capacity Available (36m outlook) 
 Firm Deliveries to Condamine RBP 
 Max Capacity Available (TJ/d)*Uncontracted Capacity Available

Standing terms and conditions applicable to each pipeline service

Please refer to the Transporter's Standard Gas Transportation Agreement & Standard Terms and Conditions linked below:

Braemar Pipeline GTA - Part A Instrument of Agreement

Braemar Pipeline GTA - Part B Standard Terms and Conditions

Standing price for each pipeline service under the standing terms and conditions

Firm Forwardhaul charge to Condamine RBP: $1.07/GJ (2024$)

The Standard GTA also provides for the following charges to be paid in accordance with its terms:
Over-run Charge (Clause 7.1 of Part B of Standard GTA)
Imbalance Charge (clause 8.6 of Part B of the Standard GTA),
Standardisation Cost Charge (published on the Service Providers’ website from time to time),
Capital Cost Charge (clause 21.4 of Part B of the Standard GTA).
Other information about prices and chargers applicable to each pipeline service (i.e. charging structure, minimum charges, overrun and imbalance charges)Standard Term: 2 years
CPI: prices as at 1 Jan 24 to be escalated quarterly
The methodology used to calculate the standing price, the inputs used in the calculation of the standing price and any other information specified in the pipeline information disclosure guidelines.LYB Pipeline Tariff has been calculations based on a "Building Blocks Approach".

Please refer to tariff inputs & calculations spreadsheet linked below for full details on inputs & pricing methodology.

Braemar Tariff Methodology & Inputs
Further Transporter notes:

The Braemar pipeline primarily services gas demand to run the Braemar Power Station. Transport services and capacity may change depending on the Power Station's forecast demand, gas supply contracts & associated transport requirements.

- Standing prices may differ from current transport contracts and reflect a range of considerations specifically negotiated with customers. E.g. other agreements such as Gas Supply Agreements, term & other conditions
- interested parties should refer to the user access guide for more information.
- Noting any passthrough costs are not included in tariff above

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