Energy costs & pricing explained

If you’ve recently received a rate change notice from us, here you’ll find some frequently asked questions, energy saving tips and information about the support available to you.

Energy Bill Relief Fund:

The Australian Government is partnering with state and territory governments to provide electricity bill relief for eligible households and small businesses. The rebate will be applied in phases, starting from 31 July 2023. Please note: for our residential customers - if you currently have a valid concession card active on your Alinta Energy account, rebates will automatically be applied to your account by Alinta Energy - there is no need for you to take any further action. For further information on the Energy Bill Relief package in your state visit

Looking to compare our new energy plans against your changed rates? Here's our step-by-step guide.

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Energy Costs Infographic

Reducing your energy costs

Improving energy efficiency at home doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here we break down what areas in an average Australian home* use the most energy so you can make the most impact in reducing your energy costs:

Reducing your energy bill costs infographic

* Referenced from;

There are many simple changes you can make in your home to help keep your energy bills down. Small adjustments one step at a time, can really add up. To help you, here’s our top energy-saving tips that can get you on your way to saving on your electricity and gas all year round.

Energy Bill Options infographic

Energy Billing Options Available to you to help you stay on top of your energy costs

Choosing the right billing options for your home or business can help you feel organised, stay on budget and plan for the future. Here, we break down what options are available to you.

Monthly billing: Switching to monthly billing is a simple way to help you budget each month and avoid one quarterly payment. If you have a smart meter, it’s a simple switch that we can change for you over the phone.

SmoothPay is an automated payment option. You can choose to have payments withdrawn weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, based on an estimated amount. This simplifies the process, saves you time, and provides a regular schedule. At the end of each billing period, any balance adjustments will be either credited or billed.

MyAccount: Take advantage of MyAccount and make a payment anytime via your MyAccount to get ahead. Simply log in to MyAccount, and press ‘make a payment’ on your dashboard. This means you can make pre-payments anytime that suits you.

What are the costs of energy?

The costs in your energy bill

Your energy bills consist of two types of costs – fixed (costs you can’t control) and non-fixed costs (costs you can control).

So, what do those fixed costs include?
  • Retail - the cost of managing customer accounts, sending out bills and customer service;
  • Wholesale - the cost of producing gas or electricity;
  • Network - the cost of transporting gas or electricity down pipelines or power lines and of building and maintaining the network infrastructure;
  • Green - the cost of programs to save energy and support the development of renewable energy such as wind farms and solar.
And the Non-fixed costs are:
  • Usage - the cost of the electricity or gas you use, which differs from bill to bill depending on how much energy you use.

Check out this video below.

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Reducing non-fixed costs

Cutting your usage is the key to saving energy and money. Check out our energy saving tips and ideas here.

We're here to help

Alinta Energy recognises that prices increases can be difficult and we want to support our customers in anyway we can. For available hardship, Government assistance, payment assistance and additional ways of how you can get in contact with us, see below. 


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