Solar power that pays

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Switching to a competitive and solar compatible energy plan is easy

What’s the best deal under the sun?

When shopping for the best solar deal from an energy retailer, look for one that combines:

  • A competitive electricity offer that sits below the reference price / Victorian Default Offer, plus:
  • A competitive solar feed-in tariff.

Getting a return on your solar investment

Getting the most out of your panels

We think we shine for overall value

The great news is that all Alinta Energy plans offer solar to eligible customers.  And, whilst we don’t install solar panels, we Instead focus on offering our customers the best combination of a competitive electricity offer and a competitive solar feed-in tariff.

Remember - a high feed-in tariff isn’t necessarily a great deal if it’s also accompanied by an offer that sits at or above the Government’s electricity reference / Victorian Default Offer price. 

What’s important is the overall deal - and you’ll find our solar feed-in tariffs are available across all generally available products to eligible customers in conjunction with a competitive electricity reference / Victorian Default Offer that sits below the Governments set price.

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How solar can lower your bills

Turning sunlight into electricity for your home can lower your energy bills in two ways:  

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Spend less on electricity

Why pay for electricity when you can make your own from a free and sustainable source? Every hour you run an appliance from your solar energy is a saving on your electricity bill. And if you install a solar battery, you can store the electricity to use later, even when the sun isn’t shining.

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Sell unused electricity to your retailer

Unless solar power provides 100% of your home energy, you will still need to have an account with an energy retailer. As well as supplying your electricity, your retailer will pay you a feed-in tariff for any unused solar electricity. This will appear as a credit on your energy bills, shrinking them even further.

Alinta Energy Solar Terms & Conditions

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