Self Meter Read

If you received an energy bill that was based on an estimated meter reading and your property does not have a digital meter, you can now provide your meter reading quickly and easily to us, so we can adjust your bill to be more accurate.

If you need more information on how to read your meter, please download our brochure How to read your meter brochure.

You can provide your meter reading three ways

Option 1

Submit your meter reading online via MyAccount or below.

Option 2

Email your reading (with an optional photo) to

Option 3

Call us on 13 37 02 and tell us your meter reading over the phone

Frequently Asked Questions

To check if your energy bill was based on an estimated meter reading, simply check the back of your bill for the ‘Reading Type’. For more information on where to find this information, check out our bill guides.

This service is only available to customers who have a 'basic' meter rather than a digital meter. If you’re unsure as to whether you have a basic or digital meter, download our self-meter read brochure above or contact us on 13 37 02.

If you do have a digital meter, and you would like you bill adjusted please contact us on the details below, so we can work together to access your actual metering data.

In order for the meter reading you provided us to be accepted you need to meet all of the following eligibility requirements.

You must provide your meter reading to us prior to the bill due date. 

  • Your meter reading cannot be less than the previous actual meter reading for the meter.
  • Where you have provided a photo of your meter reading, please ensure meter number is clearly visible.
  • Where you haven’t provided a photo of your meter reading, please ensure all the data is accurate and current.    
  • Your meter is not a digital meter (i.e an accumulation meter).

Where you meet our eligibility requirements above, we will re-issue you an adjusted bill and provide you the same time to pay your adjusted bill in accordance with all applicable laws and codes.

If we have rejected your meter reading, we will write you to advise as to why and suggest some other options available to you. The payment terms applicable to your energy plan will apply, and you will need to pay the full amount of your energy bill.

If you are unhappy with your adjusted bill or your meter reading has been rejected, please let our team know as soon as you can so we can start resolving it for you.

You can request a review of your bill in accordance with our Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution procedure, which outlines how we can further help. If you are not satisfied with any of these options, you can choose to seek further assistance from the energy Ombudsman by lodging a dispute. Details of your state Ombudsman are also in our Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution procedure located at or alternatively you can contact us on 13 37 02 and we can discuss these options with you.

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