Improved customer service? That’s better™!

Whether it’s lowering energy costs, improving our customer service or making it easier to manage your account, our aim is to be better.

That’s why, across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, we’ve launched new customer service initiatives to better support residential and business customers.

Take our tour and find out what’s new.

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What's new?

A better MyAccount

We’ve launched a better MyAccount customer service portal, with improved self-service features and added security.

A new look bill

Your next bill will have a new look and feel, making it even easier to read.

Improved customer service

We’ve invested in a new customer systems platform. It makes for a fast, efficient (but always friendly) customer experience.

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Viewing usage on mobile

A better MyAccount for you

MyAccount is the convenient way to manage your energy account, with secure 24/7 online access and better self-service features and security, including:

  • Easier ways to view and pay bills, update your details and access the Rewards Shop
  • Two-factor sign-in for greater peace of mind
  • For the first time, our small business customers can enjoy MyAccount including access to business-related rewards in the Rewards Shop

If you are already a MyAccount user, you’ll need to re-register (using your customer number, current email address and have your mobile phone ready to authenticate your login).

What’s next for MyAccount? Watch out for further improvements, including access to your energy usage data.

A new look bill

We’ve redesigned our bills to make them easier to read and understand. Your plan details, energy usage and a breakdown of your bill charges will be clearly displayed, including your concession (if eligible) as well as any one-off or special discounts, bonuses, or charges.

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Pay your bill securely with MyAccount

Improved customer service

We’re working towards bringing our new call centre to life. Based in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, our aim is to have over 200 local team members dedicated to looking after our customers once we are 100% up and running.

MyAccount FAQs

Your 8-digit customer number can be found at the top right of all letters and emails from us, alternatively your recent bill.

Please do not enter your 9-digit electricity or gas account number.

If you are unsure what email address we have listed on your account, click on the 'Forgot your login email?' link then enter your 8-digit customer number. We’ll send a message to your login email address.

If you have forgotten or need to reset your password, click the ‘Forgot password?’ link and enter your login email to receive a ‘reset your password’ link via email – which is valid for 24 hours.

Please call 13 37 02 so we can update the primary email address against your account.

The reason for this is you may have multiple customer numbers for the different accounts or properties you have with us. Please call us on 13 37 02 to understand if this is the case and submit a request to have your customer numbers merged.

If you're already a MyAccount user and are logging in for the first time since 25 April 2022, you will need to re-activate your account using your customer number (be sure not to enter your electricity or gas account / reference number), the email address that you used to sign up with and have your mobile phone ready to authenticate your login. You can do this easily here.

Eligible passwords must include at least:

  • 8 characters
  • 1 number
  • 1 symbol
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 uppercase letter

Passwords must match when re-entering the password.

The 6-digit verification code you receive on your mobile expires after 5 minutes. You will need to click 'Resend Code' to get a new one.

Alinta Energy takes security very seriously and therefore all accounts are protected with SMS two-factor authentication.

Please check we have your correct mobile number listed against your account by viewing the first 2-digits and last 3-digits of the mobile number displayed. If we do not have the correct number, please send a private message on Facebook to update, alternatively please call us on 13 37 02.

If all is correct; the 6-digit verification code, you receive on your mobile expires after 5 minutes. You will need to click 'Resend Code' to get a new code and try again. If you experience further issues, please contact us so we can investigate.

Please click the 'Forgot password?' link and enter your login email to receive a reset password link via email which is valid for 24 hours.

If the incorrect email/password combination is entered more than 5 times, we securely lock the account for 60 minutes. Once the 60 minutes expires you will be able to try again.


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