At Alinta Energy, we’re here to support your home team. That includes you, your family and the entire Australian Men’s Cricket Team through another epic summer of action.

So whether it’s facing 150km/h fast balls, or a marathon air-conditioned cricket watching session, whatever the challenge, we’re here to help support you and your home team, with the affordable energy you need. Proudly supporting your home team.

Alinta Energy MyCricket

Alinta Energy’s partnership powers the MyCricket digital platform. MyCricket is used by Cricket Clubs and associations across Australia to register players, manage fixtures and score grassroots cricket matches all over the country.

Find out more on the MyCricket website.

Competitions and Offers

Alinta Energy customers have the chance to win premium tickets to the cricket each summer as well the chance to win exclusive player access, events and behind-the-scenes experiences

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alinta energy fan cam

Alinta Energy Fan Cam

If you’re going to a match, watch out for our Alinta Energy ‘fan cam’. It’s looking for fans who bring energy to the game.

One winner at each match will get a replica Australian men’s cricket team shirt and the chance to meet members of the Australian cricket team post-match. View terms and conditions.