Moving? Here’s how to turn your new house into a beautiful home

We can’t be the only ones who want to live in one of those beautiful homes we see on social media.

If this is you and you’re moving house soon, why not start designing your own uniquely stylish home now!

Not everyone has the biggest budget to invest, especially when moving, so we’ve figured out a way to create a designer home without breaking the bank. Think upcycling - it’s all the rage and best of all, it’s both sustainable and super friendly on the wallet.

Make this one of the things to do before moving homes. Let’s start designing your new one-of-a-kind abode with this list of helpful tips!

Ready. Get Set. MOOD BOARD!

You can’t start planning without a clear vision of your dream house. What better way to make your dreams a reality than with the ultimate Pinterest mood board? Consider this your inspiration and ‘go-to’ through the design process. It’ll keep your vision alive!

What’s your colour palette and mood?

Create a board and start pinning based on colours and moods that suit your vibe.
It's important that you have your colour palette and tone down pat. If they're conflicting, your new home simply won’t have the right feel to it.

Whether you choose bold, brilliant hues or neutral, serene shades, make sure they’re complementary to what you’re trying to achieve. Dive deep into design mode and figure out what your family loves, taking into account all their little habits and behaviours. This will help you focus on what suits your family’s style and individual personalities.

After a long day at work, do you need a relaxing retreat back to nature? Try creating a calming space with organic materials inspired by nature, like linen, timber and marble. You can incorporate textures and plants to add softness and balance to the mix too.

Or do you need a fun, vibrant setting to energise and invigorate you? Try contrasting but harmonizing colours, unique Warhol-esque art pieces and quirky thrifty finds.

Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment on your mood board, that’s what it’s for!


Now that you’re envisioning what your new home will look like, decide on what items don’t spark joy for you anymore. It’s time to purge and declutter those pieces. Why hold onto things you don’t love or pay a professional removalist to move them to your new home?

From trash to treasure

You might be asking what to do with old furniture when moving? Consider turning trash into treasure with these clever upcycling ideas where you can transform one piece of furniture into something completely different! Just head down to your local hardware store to find materials for repurposing old knickknacks into vintage book-ends, or to smooth and sand down a scratched up table surface before painting it with a fresh coat of colour.

You don't need new furniture to make your dreams a reality. Have a look on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace before you buy brand new. You never know what potential gems you may find on these online treasure troves.

There’s always a creative way of giving your old or thrifty furniture a new life! Think outside the box.

It’s all in the detail

You've mastered all the above, but what's next? Bring it all together and pay attention to the detail. To help you start decorating your new home, we've compiled these expert tips:

  • Let your individuality shine with unique stand-out pieces. Maybe a cool couch or vintage dining chairs.
  • Try out an artful lighting fixture or abstract table to liven up a room.
  • Beautiful homes always feature some incredible art, however you don’t need to break the bank. Try supporting local artists at an art shop, picture framers, markets or school fairs. Simply display art that speaks to you. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder.
  • Use bookshelves as a fun way to display colourful novels, plants or collectors’ items.

If a wall looks a little boring, spruce it up with some thrifted frames and mirrors. A little bling goes a long way.

Now start imagining and begin your journey to creating your ultimate new home.

To help you when you move, we’re putting some of the best moving tips we’ve learnt over the past 25 years on our website.

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