Having a tough time paying your energy bill?

Struggling to pay your energy bill? First, take a breath and know we've got your back. Then read this. We've put together some options that may provide you with relief.

Whether you’re feeling the cost-of-living pinch or you’re going through a rough financial patch, stressing about a bill only makes everything seem worse.

From immediate relief to longer-term options, these are some practical steps you can take to pay your energy bill and get on the (metaphorical) front foot.

Still feeling stressed? Talking to a real-life person may help, so feel free to call us and discuss your situation.

Get some immediate relief

Maybe your bill was particularly high this time round. Maybe you had some unexpected expenses that stretched your budget to breaking point. Maybe life just got in the way. There are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself strapped for cash when your energy bill is due.

Whatever you’re going through, here are a few ways to relieve some of the pressure. Want to dig deeper? We’ve got a bunch of tips for avoiding bill shock,  too.

Set up an Arrears Plan

An ‘Arrears Plan’ is like a lay-by for your bill. You pay off your outstanding debt over a series of regular instalments for an agreed period – but you’ll also continue to pay for your ongoing energy use as normal. It can be a good option for getting your budget back on track.

Request a payment extension

It’s easy to request a payment extension anytime, anywhere via MyAccount or by submitting an online form. It’s quick, simple and it’ll give you a bit more time to sort out your budget. 

Smooth your bill

Finding it hard to keep on top of your bills? Consider SmoothPay. This tool lets you pay a specified amount regularly — which helps to reduce the impact of a big bill and keeps bills manageable. And because you’re paying off your bill in advance, or are chipping away at it, it can be a great way to keep your budget on track.

Future-proof your energy bills

A one-off high bill is one thing. But what if you’re consistently finding it hard to keep up? Here are some strategies to help you manage your energy bills – now, and in the future.

Switch to monthly billing

What’s better for your budget: one big bill every three months, or a smaller bill every month? If it’s tricky to find the funds for a big bill, moving to monthly billing could be a smart option. And because monthly billing spreads out your energy costs more evenly across the year, you’re less likely to get unexpected spikes in your bill.

Reduce your energy use

Less energy use = lower energy bills. And that’s always good. Take some time to audit your home’s energy use, then work out which small tweaks – like the ones listed in our Energy Tips checklist  – could lead to bigger savings.

Apply for government assistance

Australia’s federal and state governments offer a range of programs and concession rebates to help eligible households and small businesses experiencing financial difficulty. It’s always worth checking to see if you qualify.

Make sure you're on the best plan

Your Alinta Energy bill will tell you if your current plan has any cost-saving benefits – but it’ll also tell you if there’s a better energy plan for you, based on your usage and location. (If you’re in Western Australia, however, you’ll need to check our website for information on our offers.) It’s an easy switch that might make your future bills more manageable.    

Check out our energy bill explainer for more information.

Talk to us

We get it – life sometimes throws out unexpected curveballs. If you’re still under pressure, we’re here to help

We don’t want your bills to be an uphill battle. By talking to us, exploring your options and taking small, positive steps, you might be able to regain control much faster. And remember: we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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