At Alinta Energy our mission is to make energy more affordable

At Alinta Energy, we’re doing things differently. We’re going right back to basics. Making energy really simple. The way it should be - more helpful, more transparent and more informative. Innovative energy plans. Offers that make sense. Better ways to do business. Phone calls answered promptly. Questions answered in a straightforward way. Bills explained in real terms.

An understanding

Over the years we’ve learnt a lot from our customers. We’ve learnt a lot about people too. We know that Australians are doing it tough, so we’re here to help. We’re committed to making energy more affordable, for all Australians.

A wealth of experience

Alinta Energy is a leading Australian utility with an owned and contracted generation portfolio of up to 1,800 MW, around 790,000 combined electricity and gas retail customers and over 400 employees across Australia and New Zealand.

Alinta Energy is the only truly national electricity and gas company with operations in five of Australia’s six states as well as New Zealand. We operate Australia’s largest contracted gas generation portfolio with seven power stations across Australia and New Zealand. Alinta Energy manages fuel sources and transportation, and ensures competitive prices through our wholesale market operations.

Dating back to 1941, Alinta Energy has a long and proud history of delivering energy solutions in Australia. The ‘Alinta’ brand was born in 1995, when we began retailing gas as AlintaGas in Western Australia. To better represent the scope of our business, AlintaGas became Alinta Energy in 2010. Now we’re the retailer of energy in Victoria and South Australia and the new retailer in New South Wales. The future will see us expand into other regions throughout Australia.

A breath of fresh air

We’d love to share with you our plans for the future.
A cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy.
A few energy efficient ideas.
A simple way to cut bills.
A life more affordable.

Alinta Energy. Keeping it fair.