We're supporting customers with HelpPay

Promo showing HelpPay app on a phone

Earlier this year we started a partnership with HelpPay – a service designed to help customers who may face difficulty paying any bills, including their energy bills.

HelpPay is a service that converts a bill someone needs help paying into a shareable link that individuals can contribute payments to on behalf of the billpayer.

Referred to as helpers, these individuals can contribute however much they want secure in the knowledge that all payments go directly to the billing company.

We launched the three-month campaign in March to promote the service to our customers as one of several available payment assistance options. The results of that campaign have now come back, and it turns out that every one of our bills shared through HelpPay by customers in the past quarter was fully paid, a 100 per cent success rate.

Our customers generally made payments 10 days before their due date, engaging early and avoiding the need for further financial aid. Now that’s better!

More than great energy.

That’s better™.