Full feasibility study of solar thermal

Alinta Energy announces full feasibility study of solar thermal and hybrid generation options in Port Augusta, South Australia

Alinta Energy is pleased to announce a full feasibility study of solar thermal and hybrid options at its Port Augusta Power Stations.

The $2.3 million project will involve an assessment and technical analysis of the viability of solar thermal generation in Port Augusta, SA. It is supported by a $1 million contribution from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) Emerging Renewables Program, as well as a $130,000 grant under the South Australian Government’s Enterprise Zone Fund.

The study will progress work already undertaken by Alinta Energy and will include:
  • formal site selection based on environmental, infrastructure and community constraints;
  • calibration and comprehensive assessment of solar resource data over a 12-month collection period;
  • plant design options and performance modelling, including energy storage options;
  • assessment of network connection capabilities;
  • detailed life-cycle cost estimates and commercial analysis; and
  • identified knowledge-sharing milestones.

‘Our operations have been an integral and iconic part of the Port Augusta community since 1954,’ said Alinta Energy CEO, Jeff Dimery. ‘We have a strong history in the region, and are committed to its sustainable future.’

‘For this reason, we are excited to announce this solar thermal full feasibility study, which will build on the work already undertaken by Alinta Energy to further assess the potential role of solar resources and technology in our future operations in the region.’

‘As the largest private employer in the region, we are excited about the opportunities this project will bring to enhance our workforce capability and support the local economy.’

‘We are grateful for the contributions of the Federal and State Governments, which was necessary to bring this to life, and also thank the Port Augusta community for their ongoing support for this and our operations in Port Augusta,’ Dimery said.

Alinta Energy will release further information – including regular progress reports – on a dedicated website as the study progresses. Alinta Energy’s Port Augusta Power Stations consist of the 272MW Northern Power Stations (Units 1 & 2) and the 240MW Playford B Power Station. All are supplied with fuel exclusively from the Leigh Creek Coalfield – also owned and managed by Alinta Energy – 250km north. Playford B has been in shutdown since October 2011, and Northern Power Station has operated almost exclusively from October to March since April 2012.