New partner UnitingCare West Food Rescue

Alinta Energy announces partnership with UnitingCare West Food Rescue

Alinta Energy is proud to announce the launch of a new partnership with UnitingCare West Food Rescue, which will provide a network of 37 recipient WA charities with more than 80,300 sponsored meals a year.

The sponsorship with UnitingCare West Food Rescue is part of a larger sponsorship and community program that will build upon Alinta Energy’s 25 year history of providing the WA community with a fair and reliable utility service.

Under this program, Alinta Energy will also be involved in sponsorship activity with Perth Zoo, Ronald McDonald House and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

UnitingCare West Food Rescue is the missing link between the staggering quantities of fresh and nutritious food thrown away by the food industry every day and the thousands of hungry and disadvantaged people in need. The charity rescues perishable, fresh and nutritious food from cafés, restaurants, supermarkets and retailers to be distributed to disadvantaged West Australians through a network of charities.

“We are proud and excited to announce Alinta Energy’s partnership with UnitingCare West Food Rescue,” said Alinta Energy CEO, Jeff Dimery.

“Alinta Energy has built strong relationships with the West Australian people throughout our 25 year history servicing the region. We understand the needs of the WA community and believe in the importance of taking a fair and caring approach when providing an essential service.

UnitingCare West Food Rescue demonstrates this approach in making a difference to the WA community, and we are truly looking forward to working together in the future.”

“West Australians on low-to-moderate incomes are struggling. People who have not needed services in the past are now approaching UnitingCare West for assistance,” said UnitingCare West Chair, David Holden.

“We help families in need by providing them with fresh, nutritious food at no cost. I commend Alinta Energy for supporting Food Rescue, an initiative that has wide reach into our community.

“Alinta Energy’s sponsorship will ensure UnitingCare West Food Rescue can continue to support more West Australians than ever before.”

Food Rescue is an entirely philanthropically funded program and it relies on sponsorship and public support to continue. To make a donation, volunteer or get involved with Food Rescue, visit or call 1300 663 298.