Orangutan Awareness Week

Alinta Energy supports Perth Zoo’s conservation Efforts through Orangutan Awareness Week

Sumatran Orangutans are critically endangered with fewer than 6,300 animals left in the wild. Perth Zoo is playing a vital role to help save this species from extinction through their world-leading orangutan conservation and breeding program.

This week is International Orangutan Awareness Week (November 10-16), which Alinta Energy is proud to support as part of its commitment to Perth Zoo’s orangutan conservation work.

Alinta Energy will contribute $1 to Perth Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Action program for every child under 16 years who visits Perth Zoo between Saturday 9 November and Sunday 17 November. Alinta Energy staff will also be in the Perth CBD on Monday 11 November and Tuesday 12 November to help raise awareness.

Since 1970, Perth Zoo has successfully bred 29 orangutans and released two of these orangutans into protected rainforest in Sumatra as part of an international program to re-establish a viable population of Sumatran Orangutans in the wild.

Alinta Energy is the exclusive sponsor of Perth Zoo’s Orangutan Exhibit and aims to raise community awareness and funds for orangutan conservation during ‘International Orangutan Awareness Week’.

‘Alinta Energy has built a national brand out of our strong history in the WA community. We’ve built this brand on our approach to do things differently and keep it fair for our customers and the people of WA,’ said Alinta Energy CEO Jeff Dimery.

‘We are proud to support Perth Zoo’s distinctive and first-class approach to orangutan conservation through our exclusive sponsorship of the orangutan exhibit at Perth Zoo and by raising awareness and funds during ‘International Orangutan Awareness Week.’

Perth Zoo CEO Susan Hunt applauded Alinta’s involvement and support for the Zoo and orangutan conservation saying it was the type of action needed in the battle to save one of the world’s most endangered species.

‘I hope other corporate citizens and large organisations follow the lead of Alinta and join forces with us to help save the orangutan and countless other species at risk,’ Ms Hunt said.

‘Orangutan projects benefiting from Perth Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Action fundraising program - which supports threatened species in the wild - include an orangutan reintroduction program, wildlife protection units and habitat protection at Bukit Tigapuluh in Sumatra.’

For more information go to: www.perthzoo.wa.gov.au/act/wildlife-conservation-action/