Roy Hill Transmission Line Completed

Alinta Energy successfully completes construction of 121km transmission line to supply power to Roy Hill Mine.

Alinta Energy has successfully completed the construction and commissioning of a 121km 220kV transmission line to supply the power needs of the Roy Hill iron ore mine from Alinta Energy’s Newman Power Station.

In conjunction with the transmission line development, Alinta Energy also constructed a 6MW diesel power station at the Roy Hill mine site as part of this project.

The new transmission line infrastructure and diesel power station are both owned and operated by Alinta Energy and will supply the world class Roy Hill mine under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA).

Alinta Energy partnered with UGL Engineering, under a turnkey design and construction contract, to deliver this project ahead of schedule and within budget. The construction of the project was approximately 12 months in duration after almost 18 months of extensive planning activities, encompassing permitting and tenure associated with the transmission line build.

Alinta Energy recorded no lost time injuries throughout the 430,000 hours worked on the construction of the project, highlighting the strong safety performance of both our employees and contractors.

Successful completion of the project included 23 major crossings of both public and private roads, high voltage infrastructure and rail; requiring extensive consultation and cooperation from key government stakeholders and landowner. Close collaboration with the Roy Hill Project delivery team, during both planning and construction phases, was also of vital value to the overall success of the project.

“Delivering this critical energy infrastructure project is a key milestone in Alinta Energy’s growth plans in the Pilbara”, said Executive Director for Power Generation, Ken Woolley.

“Alinta Energy has a strong history in WA by providing reliable and secure energy to the region. Alinta Energy’s successful completion of the transmission line creates exciting opportunity for continued investment in WA, and we look forward to bringing our competitive power solutions to additional customers in the Pilbara region.”