Solar Thermal Generation in Port Augusta Update

Alinta Energy has now completed the Final Balance of Study Report (Milestone Four Report) into solar thermal generation at Port Augusta, South Australia. This is the fourth and final milestone report for Stage One of the feasibility study. 

“Following further investigation into a range of alternate plant configurations and costing assumptions, Alinta Energy can conclude that constructing a 50MW molten salt power-tower located in Port Augusta is not commercially feasible at this time” Alinta Energy CEO, Jeff Dimery said.

“The investigations and options modelled to complete the Final Balance of Study Report have been extensive and conclusive given current market conditions within the National Electricity Market. With a change in market conditions, and with the advancement of technologies like the one we have explored, the commercial viability of such projects will improve.”

“Alinta Energy, in consultation with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), will conclude the solar thermal feasibility study at Stage One (pre-feasibility) and not continue to Stage Two (full-feasibility). Continued investigation of full-feasibility would only serve to reinforce the findings of Stage One,” he said.

Publication of Alinta Energy’s Final Balance of Study Report, along with all other Stage One reports, are available on the Alinta Energy website (