South East Queenslanders secure significant savings with Alinta Energy, electricity prices to come down further

Alinta Energy’s South East Queensland customers could be saving up to $365 a year on their electricity bills, a report published today on Alinta Energy’s entry into the market shows.

The Deloitte report, commissioned by Alinta Energy, found that compared to the market’s median offer on Energy Made Easy and depending on the household size, estimated bills for Alinta’s Home Saver Plus 25 single rate offer were 13 to 16 per cent lower – translating to approximate household savings of between $159 and $365 per year. That equates to between $20 and $40 million dollars in savings across Alinta’s more than 125,000 Queensland customers.

It also shows that since Alinta Energy entered the market almost a year ago (in August 2017), other retailers have responded by almost doubling their discounts – from an average of approximately 8 per cent, to the current level of over 15 per cent.

Alinta Energy has also today announced it will reduce its weighted average tariffs in Queensland by a further 1.6 per cent from 2 August. Alinta Energy MD and CEO Jeff Dimery said he was proud that Alinta Energy had been able to improve the affordability of electricity for its Queensland customers.

“Affordability is our customers’ number one issue, which means it’s our first priority.

“Today’s report shows we’ve already made good progress in driving prices down in Queensland, and the further reduction of 1.6 per cent should lighten the load even more for our customers.

“The report also shows the percentage of people switching retailers has doubled from 10 to 20 per cent – which is evidence of a more competitive market with people more actively chasing a better deal.

“People all over the country are exercising their right to move to better energy deals, which is why this month we’ve also welcomed our millionth customer,” Mr Dimery said.

To mark the sign up of its millionth customer, Alinta Energy is donating $100,000 to the Salvation Army to help those doing it tough this winter. 

Note to editor

The Deloitte report is based on Alinta Energy’s Home SaverPlus 25 product, which included a 25 per cent pay on time discount. This discount was increased to 28 per cent in February 2018. Click here for a copy of the report

Savings are indicative only and will vary depending on individual circumstances, your existing electricity plan and household energy consumption. The calculation assumes a pay on time discount and is based on information as at 30 June 2018.

Calculated based on the Deloitte report’s approximate household savings of between $159 and $365 per year, multiplied the 125,000 Alinta Energy customers that were signed up at the time of the report’s production