Community Fund Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines

Please read the following information carefully before starting your application to ensure your initiative, activity or event meets the funding eligibility criteria and guidelines. You will be asked to declare that you have read and agree to these conditions upon submission of your application.

How much is available?

Alinta Energy is committing a total of $50,000 per year, allocated via two funding rounds. The funding will continue for each year of construction and operation of the Yandin Wind Farm.

The maximum funding amount per applicant in a single round is capped at $5,000.

Entry is open to community groups and organisations within the Dandaragan region

Whether you’re part of a non for profit charity, sporting club, youth group or arts organisation – we want to hear your story and what you’re doing in the community.
If you need some new equipment or you have a special project in mind, our community fund may be able to help.

What are the categories?

The Alinta Energy Yandin Wind Farm Community Fund is looking to partner with organisations on projects and activities in the following areas: 

  • Health, wellbeing and recreational pursuits - Activities which promote and encourage members of the community to be involved in health and wellbeing activities with the intent to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through fitness, participation, healthy eating, social inclusion and mental health. Activities or programs which discourage the use of drugs and alcohol, or that discourage any other behaviours that have a negative impact on the lives of people living in the Dandaragan region will also be considered.
  • Welfare, disability and social disadvantage - Activities that demonstrate a material need of a group of people within the community who are directly disadvantaged through social, economic, physical or intellectual circumstances.
  • Children and young people - Activities/events which provide opportunities for children and young people to learn and develop an increased understanding of the world around them with particular focus on the role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics plays in the community and future career opportunities.
  • Environment - Activities/events which promote an understanding of the importance of a healthy environment and its protection for future enjoyment and sustainability.
  • Arts and culture - Activities/events which provide opportunities for the community to interact and learn within an atmosphere of social, intellectual and cultural growth. 

We aim to support the activities that:

  • Will positively impact and encourage the local community to participate in local activities and initiatives;
  • Benefit members of the local community in addition to members of the successful applicant group;
  • Show benefits for the local community that extend beyond the period of the grant funding and have a long lasting positive legacy.
  • Provide benefit in close proximity to the Yandin Wind Farm where the benefits are directed to the communities in and around the Yandin Wind Farm.

What will not be funded?

  • Establishment of a private business or commercial enterprise;
  • Research activities or feasibility studies;
  • Activities or events which are not within 25km of the Yandin Wind Farm or directly benefit the Dandaragan region;
  • Production of communication material that will be distributed for profit;
  • Attendance by individuals or groups at events, conferences or other gatherings either in Australia or overseas;
  • The sponsorship of individuals;
  • Extremist groups or those with any kind of political agenda;
  • Advertising in journals/manuals (other than those organisations that are predominantly voluntary, not professional, associations);
  • Any request that prejudices Alinta Energy's image as a quality, professional and community minded organisation.

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