Nature-based Solutions with Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy launched its Nature-based Solutions team in 2022 to help customers achieve their de-carbonisation targets, by offsetting their emissions with high quality Australian Carbon Credits Units (ACCU).

When you partner with Alinta Energy, you'll work with our experienced specialists to plan and execute environmental planting and soil carbon projects. We'll estimate the ACCUs and identify the benefits for both the land and the community.

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) refer to actions that aim to protect, manage, and restore natural ecosystems to benefit society and biodiversity. Alinta Energy's NbS projects involve on-farm actions that both generate income for farmers and preserve productive land.

What are the benefits for landowners?

NbS projects offer landowners the opportunity to recognise the natural services that their land provides. They can then design a land management plan to enhance these natural services by diversifying agricultural practices and improving land resilience.

When done effectively, these projects can increase farm profitability and resilience by capitalising on underutilised land, reducing input costs, improving soil health and increasing water retention.

Diversified revenue
Diversified revenue

Yearly lease payments and the option to share ACCUs for land owners

Farm benefits
Farm benefits

Improved soil health, enhanced water retention and drought resilience, and better crop and pasture yields

Ecosystem health
Ecosystem health

Help regenerate degraded land and unlock it for more productive use

Agriculture benefits
Agriculture benefits

Work with a trusted industry leader committed to environmental stewardship

What makes a landowner eligible?

  • A minimum property size of 200 hectares.
  • Land must be clear of forest cover and used for pasture, cropping, or bare fallow for at least 5 years previous.
  • Land cannot have been cleared of native forest / wetlands in the past 7 years.

How can I get involved?

If you are an eligible landowner and would like to discuss opportunities for your property, fill in our Expressions of Interest form now, and we'll get back to you.

Or speak to one of our project team members today, phone (08) 9422 5971 or email

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