Prices and contract information

Does the supply charge apply even if I have electricity and gas connected but don't use it?

How do I find the rates?

How do I cancel the contract?

What is a discount benefit period?

When will I transfer to Alinta Energy?

How long is the cooling off period?

What is a Supply Charge?

Am I locked into this contract?

Will the rates remain the same for the 24 month period?

Will you tell me when the rates will go up?

Switching to Alinta Energy

Are your energy offers available to renters?

How easy is it to switch Alinta Energy?

I’d like to know more about your offers, who can I speak to?


How can I calculate my next bill?

How can I pay my bill?

How often do I receive my Alinta Energy bill?

I have credit with my current retailer can this be transfer?

What is an estimated account?

When will I get my first bill from Alinta Energy?

Why is my electricity or gas higher than usual?

Our Fair Saver guaranteed product

Are there going to be guaranteed discount products available to small business customers?

As a result of this guaranteed discount are you going to lock me into a contract?

Do I have to pay by direct debit to receive the discount?

How does the discount work?

How does this affect my solar feed in tariff?

How long is my discount benefit period?

How will I know if this is beneficial for me?

I recently cancelled, am I able to receive the new discount?

If I pay late, will I be penalised?

If my discount is guaranteed, does this mean my rates are guaranteed?

What savings will I see on my bill?

What’s the catch?

When will I receive the new discount, if I change to Fair Saver?

Why have Alinta Energy created the Fair Saver product?

Will my power be disconnected, if I do not pay my bill?

Changing energy plans

Am I able to change plans, if I am an existing customers

Do my standing rates change if I change plans

I am currently on direct debit, does that all transfer over to this new product as-well?

I am due for a new bill in the next couple of days, will that bill be on the new product still?

I currently pay my bill through Centrelink, will this be affected?

If I decide to change energy plans will you need my concession details again or have you got that already?

What happens if I do not pay my bill on time? Do I get charged a fee?

Will my actual rates change?

Will my solar feed in tariff automatically role-over to this new product?


I have solar panels are you able to help?


I have a Government concession card, what should I do?

Will I continue to receive my government concession?


What happens if I move home?

Faults and emergencies

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my supply or a power outage?


What if I have a complaint?


What is Alinta Energy’s Privacy Policy?

Will Alinta Energy ever ask for my personal details over email?

Getting in touch

How do I contact your Customer Service?

Where is your contact centre based?


Are you a Chinese owned company?

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