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Decade of Technology: 1960s

Decade of Technology: 1960s

The world underwent some major changes in the 1960s, and not just from the hippy movement! If you were around back then you may remember being the first in the world to try some technologies that we still use today.

 In the 1960s they had pretty much the same technology as we have today – just that there’s happened to be the first every versions of them. So get in a Mad Men mood and find out what technology came out over 50 years ago:

1960 - Halogen lamp

This brighter bulb that uses less energy allowed people to light their whole house at once.

1962 - Audio cassette and Spacewar! the first computer game

Originally played on a circular CRT screen, two spaceships engaged in a dogfight around a star – original source code playable here:

1964 - BASIC (an early computer language)

Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code was invented as a teaching tool and has become one of the most commonly used computer languages.

1965 – CD

Although technically invented in the 60s, the CD didn’t become popular until it was mass produced for music in the 80s

1967 - Handheld calculator and computer mouse

Hard to imagine using a computer without a mouse, but when there’s nothing to click on it makes it even harder!

1968 - The first computer with integrated circuits and RAM

The Kenbak-1 is considered to be the first PC – although only 40 were ever sold. 1968 was a bit too early for home computing, it was a full decade later that PCs took off.

1969 - ARPAnet (first internet) and the ATM.

Advanced Research Projects Agency Network was created by the military for computers at various missile installations to communicate, this method of ‘sending packets’ of data evolved into the world wide web.

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