Alinta Energy work together with our partner Neat Ideas to bring the Alinta Energy Rewards shop to Alinta Energy customers.

If you have any questions about your order or issues using the rewards shop, please call or email.
Call: (08) 6389 0055
Email: customersupport@neatideas.com.au

About the rewards shop

Can I order tickets by post, phone, email or fax?

How many tickets can I purchase?

Is it safe to purchase through this website?

What is the rewards shop?

Where can I find out more information about the discounted vouchers?

Who is Neat Ideas? Who is Neat Tickets?


​Can I pick up my order from the Alinta Energy office?

​How long will it take to receive my “mail out” vouchers/tickets?

​How long will it take to receive my eVoucher/s?

​How will my “mail out” tickets be delivered?

​I prefer actual vouchers, do you offer physical vouchers?


​The product I ordered is faulty, what do I do?

Gift vouchers

​Can I exchange my gift card or voucher for cash?

​What happens if my gift card or voucher is lost, stolen, damaged or unused?

Logging in – My Account

How do I access My Account?

How do I log in to the rewards shop?

I can’t register for My Account, what do I do?

I have a My Account log in but I’ve forgotten my password.

What is My Account?

Where can I find my Customer Number?


​Are there any additional costs when purchasing tickets online?

​Are there restrictions on when I can use the movie vouchers?

​Can I exchange my movie ticket for cash?

​Can I just show my Alinta Energy bill to receive the discount at the cinema?

​Can I on-sell tickets?

​Can I use my cinema ticket for a movie advertised as 'No Free Offers / No Discount Offers'?

​Do all the cinemas accept the movie vouchers?

​Do I need to specify a session time and venue when purchasing movie tickets on the rewards shop?

​How do I use the movie voucher?

​I did not receive my eVoucher, what can I do?

​Is there a minimum ticket order requirement?

​What age restrictions are placed on Child/Concession/Student/Senior tickets?

​What discounted movie tickets do you offer?

​What if I print more than one copy of my ticket or a photocopy is made?

​What if I want to see a movie in 3D or VMAX?

​Where can I find out more information about the movie vouchers?

​Will my eVoucher be accepted for entry into the venue?

Can I use my tickets to select my movie and reserve my seat online?

When do the tickets expire?

Problems and technical issues

​How long do I have to resolve an issue with my eVoucher?

I did not receive my eVoucher, what can I do?

I purchased my eVouchers some time ago, and now can’t find them in my emails.

I’m trying to book my seat online using my ticket or eVoucher but the system will not let me

What do I do if I believe there is a mistake with the ticket order that I have received?

What happens if I am having problems printing my downloadable E-Ticket? I don’t have a printer – how can I redeem by evoucher?

Who do I contact if I have a problem using the rewards shop?

Purchase and payment

​How are the savings calculated?

​Is GST included in the price of the tickets?

​My credit card statement says ‘Neat Tickets Pty Ltd’, who are Neat Tickets?

Are there any additional costs when purchasing tickets online?

Can I exchange my voucher for cash?

How do I pay for the vouchers I purchase online?

Is there a minimum ticket order requirement?

What if I change my mind after I’ve placed an order?

What’s the difference between the receipt and the eVoucher I order?

Why is there an online booking fee?

Will I receive a receipt after I place my order?


​Can I use my order confirmation or receipt instead of my ticket?

​If I buy an eVoucher, can I download it to my phone and use my phone instead of printing the voucher?

Rottnest Island

​Are the Rottnest Fast Ferry and Rottnest Express tickets same day return? Can I extend my return from Rottnest Island?

​Are there age restrictions on children’s vouchers?

​Can I purchase a Rottnest Island ferry voucher using these vouchers on any day of the year?

​Can I split my Family voucher and use it on different occasions?

​Can my voucher be refunded or exchanged?

​Do I need to book in advance?

​My vouchers have not arrived, where are they?

​When do Rottnest Island ferry vouchers expire?

​When I order Rottnest Island ferry vouchers, what do I get?

​When I purchase the voucher, do I need to know the specific the date and time I intend to go to Rottnest Island?

​Where do the ferries depart from? Can I leave from a different departure location?

How do I redeem my voucher?