Cheap Energy

Cheap energy provider

At Alinta Energy, we believe that energy should be affordable for every Australian home, every Australian business, every Australian. We are dedicated to keeping it fair in everything we do - fair prices, fair plans, and fair communication.

Depth of experience

Following a range of beneficial mergers and acquisitions, Alinta Energy now has assets dating back to 1941. We have been supplying homes and businesses within Australia with energy since the mid-1990s and are rapidly expanding, now retailing electricity and gas to Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. Future plans include offering our great energy plans to customers across New South Wales and Queensland. This vast bank of experience means we know what works and we know the market. To put it simply, we know energy. And this makes it easier for us to provide cheap energy for our customers.

Power generation capabilities

Alinta Energy owns both electricity and gas supply assets across Australia and in New Zealand. We own a total of nine power stations, including five in Western Australia, two in South Australia (which together produce over 30% of the state’s energy) and one each in Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand. We also manage our own gas transportation via natural gas pipelines, allowing us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

Straightforward contracts and bills

One of our huge strengths? We listen. Our advisors make sure that each and every customer, from huge businesses to those living in small apartments, are on the right plan for them. Everyone has their own unique needs and we listen to them and respond accordingly. Contracts are straightforward, with no hidden charges or fees, we offer great incentives and bills are easy to understand and accessible in a number of formats.

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