Cheap Gas Melbourne and Victoria

Cheap gas in Melbourne, Victoria

Signing up to Alinta Energy for your natural gas needs means competitive rates, a plan to suit your home or business, and risk-free contracts that you can feel comfortable with. Receiving your gas bill shouldn’t be a shock - our pricing is transparent and our bills easy to understand and accessible so there are never any nasty hidden surprises. We know it can be tough out there so we strive to provide affordable gas for every single Australian.

Years of experience

Alinta Energy has been retailing gas in Western Australia since 1995 and we are incredibly excited to be bringing our expertise to customers in Victoria. Over the years we have learnt what works and, most importantly, what our customers want, and we are thrilled to be able to offer that to Victorian households and businesses.

Affordable home gas in VIC

Our risk-free gas plans boast no lock in contracts and no exit fees, meaning you can switch to Alinta with confidence. From our helpful customer service team who strive to ensure you are on a plan that suits your lifestyle, to our Save with Gas initiative which aims to help you save money by using gas, we are dedicated to making gas affordable for every Victorian home.

Affordable business gas in VIC

In business, every dollar counts. We understand that and it’s why we have a dedicated business team who work with you to customise a plan that suits your energy needs. Our key words are flexibility, efficiency and affordability - the three areas we believe make a giant impact on your energy bills and, consequently, your profit margins.

Whether you need gas to heat your premises, fuel your kitchens or heat your water, or to fuel larger industrial operations, we have an affordable plan for you.

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