Cheap Gas Provider

Cheap gas provider

Alinta Energy supplies gas to thousands of homes and businesses across the country and we pride ourselves on offering deals that are right for you. Our ultimate challenge is to provide affordable gas for every Australian home and business and it is what we strive to achieve each day.

Economical energy source

Gas is one of the most economical and efficient non-renewable energy sources available to us and it is a fuel that Australia is lucky to have in abundance. This makes it the obvious solution to our energy needs. It is an affordable, more efficient fuel that provides almost instant heat to water, cooking, and your home or office building.

Transparent pricing

With our many years of experience of both procuring gas on a wholesale level for large businesses and supplying households across Australia, we are able to provide affordable gas prices. We believe that what you see should be what you get.

We are committed to making your energy bill accessible and being transparent about tariffs, fees and charges. Our online account management system allows you to access current and past bills, make payments, update your contact details and open or close an account. We also offer easy, transparent payment methods with no hidden fees.

Affordable home gas

We believe in a fair deal for every Australian and that means affordable plans and assistance in saving energy and money. We aim to help you save on your energy bills by using natural gas and choose efficient natural gas appliances to further increase your savings.

Affordable business gas

Whether your business is large or small, we have a plan that makes financial sense. Our dedicated business advisors will work with you to create a natural gas plan that fulfils your business needs.

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